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In accordance with the principle of theoretical and tactical unity as expressed in the 1926 Organizational Platform of the General Union of Anarchists (Draft), the FdCA has acquired a series of original documents on which the unity of its members, and therefore the political organization, is based. These documents are the fruit of long years of collective discussion since the early 1970s, a process which has gradually evolved and has served to develop the spread of the Anarchist Communist political and organizational project in Italy, today represented by the FdCA.

These documents of Theory, Basic Strategy, Political Strategy and Tactics meet the needs for the organization's political unity and serve to define its role: to be the historical memory of Anarchist Communism (Theory), to be the revolutionary active minority with respect to the strategic tasks that anarchist communism and the class struggle indicate in the long term (Basic Strategy) and in the short term (Political Strategy and Tactics).

The full set of documents is available in the Italian section of this website under "organizzazione". It should be remembered that only the original Italian versions are considered definitive.

More a more complete introduction to the FdCA's system of Theoretical Documents, see:

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NB: Texts marked with the work-in-progress symbol are currently only under consideration for inclusion as official documents.

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