Organizzazione Rivoluzionaria Comunista Anarchica


Anarchist Communist Revolutionary Organization



Between 1974 and and 1975 a libertarian group, Lotta Anarchica (Anarchist Struggle) was formed by about 30 young militants - mostly students - in the Noverino-Sarnese area of the southern region of Campania. The group was mostly "philosophical-humanistic" but did engage in some basic work in schools and among the younger layers of the proletariat until it broke up in 1976.

In late 1976, some young anarchists, together with some ex-members of Lotta Anarchica, formed the Gruppo Azione Diretta (Direct Action Group) with the aim of establishing greater theoretical clarity and a stronger base for militant activity. Though limited to work in schools and social issues, it did spark interest in anarchist ideas through its propaganda and took on a greater class-struggle approach. A meeting with a member of the ORA further stimulated theoretical debate within the group leading, in mid-1977, to a split with some members who did not share the decision to create a specific organization founded on theoretical and strategic unity and collective responsibility. Regular contact was established with the ORA and a thorough reading of the Organizational Platform was made.

In late 1977, the members of the Gruppo Azione Diretta formed the Anarchist Communist Revolutionary Organization (ORCA) on the above basis and the internal structure of the organization emphasised federalism against democratic centralism. In 1978, the ORCA was the only anarchist communist specific organization in the Campania region and was based on the positions of organizational dualism. It maintained contacts with the FAI and the ORA and its members were mostly students, precarious workers and unemployed.

In 1978, the ORCA joined the ORA with the Nocera Inferiore and Sarno branches, but left in 1981, joining the Italian Anarchist Party (PAI), which later dissolved into the Rainbow environmentalist coalition in 1989.