Anarchist Communism is not the pure fruit of some intellectual adventure. It is not the result, happy as it may be, of certain individuals who, sheltered from history, have meditated on humanity's destiny. It is not the (generous) answer of a few utopians to the ills of contemporary society and to its patent injustices. It is not the search for an ideal of perfection which can satisfy the need for harmony of minds requiring abstract ponderings....


0. Preface to the English edition

1. Theoreticians
1.1. Bakunin (or Origins)
1.2. Fabbri (or Maturity)
1.3. Berneri (or Innovation)

2. Events
2.1. The Paris Commune (1871; an improvisation)
2.2. Ukraine (1917-1921; an idea)
2.3. Spain (1936-1939; a project)

3. Why Communist: what we have in common with the left
3.1. Method (historical materialism)
3.2. Classes (the protagonists)
3.3. Class struggle (antagonism)
3.4. A Society of Free Equals (communism)

4. Why Anarchist: what divides us from the left
4.1. Struggles in the Bourgeois State
4.2. Political Struggles and Social Struggles
4.3. The Role of the Vanguard
4.4. The State
4.4.1. The Problem of the Dominant Class
4.4.2. The Defence of the Revolution
4.4.3. The Management of the Economy
4.4.4. The Death of the State
Dictatorship and Bureaucracy

5. Why Anarchist Communist: what distinguishes us from anarchists
5.1. Organization
5.2. Organizational Dualism
5.2.1. The Mass Organization is not a carbon copy of the political organization
5.2.2. The Political Organization is not only for propaganda
5.3. On the State and Collectivity
5.4. The Methods
5.5. The Evidence
5.6. The Programme
5.6.1. Phase Analysis
5.6.2. Gradualism

6. Appendices
6.1. Appendix 1: Historical materialism and dialectic materialism
6.2. Appendix 2: Anarchist communism and libertarian communism
6.2.1. Historical Materialism as an instrument of analysis
6.2.2. Organizational Dualism
Anarchist Communism and Libertarian Communism today

7. Further reading


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