FdCA Timeline
The history of the Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici throughout the years: its congresses, meetings and activities


1998 1999 2000


Rome, 10 and 17 January: "Il Manifesto" newspaper


Two articles by Gianni Cimbalo (FdCA) on regional laws regarding schools are published.


Milan, 11 January: Fabrizio De Andrè dies at 60


The FdCA's Cremona branch issues a statement of condolence.


Bergamo (Lombardy), 16 January: Commemoration of Pier Carlo Masini


The FdCA participates in the study seminar dedicated to the life and work of Masini, who died on 20 October 1998.


Florence, 30 January: FdCA National Secretariat

  • Results of the trial of 28 September 1998
  • Cologne '99 march
  • Chile/Pinochet campaign
  • Environmentalism
  • Anti-clericalism
  • National report
  • International report (European marches; Paltera campaign; contributing to the re-birth of "Platformism" internationally).

Florence, 31 January: 28 September Committee


The FdCA, the FAI and the Associazione per lo Sbattezzo meet in order to deal with the political outcome and financial costs of the 28 September trial for "vilificaction of the Catholic religion", which ended with the anti-clerical activists being cleared of the charges.


Pesaro (Marches), 16 February: State and private schools in Italy and Europe


An initiative of the committee for the defence of state schools. Conference by Gianni Cimbalo (FdCA).


Florence, 20 February: National demonstration for the arrest of Pinochet and the release of improsoned comrades in Chile


The FdCA participates with its own banner and leaflet.


Florence, 21 February: FdCA National Secretariat

  • Chile/Pinochet campaign
  • Financing of private schools
  • Alternativa Libertaria as a registered non-profit organization.

Bologna, 27 February: National demonstration against public financing of private schools


An FdCA delegation participates.


Cremona (Lombardy), 28 February: Provincial Congress of Rifondazione Comunista


Following an invitation to participate, the FdCA's Cremona branch sends its greetings through Virgilio Caletti.


Fano (Marches), 27 March: Bio-technologies and GM foods


A public initiative organized by the FdCA's Fano branch at the Town Council with leading figures from the anti-GM movement. Introduction by Lia Didero (FdCA).


Fano (Marches), 11 April: 38th Council of Delegates of the FdCA

FdCA branch premises - Via da Serravalle 16

  • The war situation in the Balkans (motion)
  • March for Cologne '99
  • National report
  • National and local activities.

San Vito al Tagliamento (Friuli Venezia Giulia), 15 May: Concert for Peace


Organized by the San Vito Anti-War Committee with the participation of the local FdCA branch.


Florence, 23 May: FdCA National Secretariat

  • Strategy for the development of the FdCA: FdCA branches and members are encouraged to form and join mass anti-war committees
  • Repression and terrorism.

Cologne (Germany), 29 May: European March against the G8


FdCA campaign together with other European anarchist communist organizations for the formation of committees for the European Marches. FdCA delegation present in Cologne.


Fano (Marches), 29 May: The Adriatic explodes


An initiative against the war in the Balkans organized by the Fano Anti-War Committee, which the FdCA's Fano branch is a member of.


Florence, June: FdCA magazine "Alternativa Libertaria", No.8, published


This issue includes articles by Saverio Craparo; Gianni Cimbalo; Stefano Quaglia; Lino Roveredo; Silvia Francolini; Lia Didero; Virgilio Caletti; Luca Majeli; Lorenzo Mucchi; Comitato Pugliese contro la Guerra.


Aviano (Friuli Venezia Giulia), 6 June: National anti-militarist demonstration against the war in Kosovo at the US base


An FdCA delegation participates.


Genoa, 12 June: Public meeting on "The Minimum Programme of the Anarchist Communists"


Organized by Genoese anarchist communists as part of the drive to form a Genoa branch of the FdCA. Speaker - Saverio Craparo for the FdCA.


Bari (Apulia), 12 June: Meeting between FdCA and local comrades


The basis is laid for an anarchist communist presence in the city. The meeting is attended by activists who work in the libertarian grassroots syndicalist movement.


Pesaro (Marches), 15 June: Impoverished uranium in the Balkans War


A public event organized in Piazza del Popolo by the Romagna-Marches Coalition Against the War, which the local FdCA branch is a member of.


Cremona (Lombardy), 19 June: 39th Council of Delegates of the FdCA

Porticato CSA Kavarna

  • Statement approved on: The Balkan crisis and the new strategy of tension
  • European and local elections
  • National and local activities
  • Joining the Brindisi anti-war caravan.

Cremona (Lombardy), 20 June: 3rd Festival of Free Thought

"Il Cascinetto" - CSA Kavarna


Organized by the FdCA's Cremona branch with the aim of collecting funds for the Paltera campaign (Paltera is a Czechoslovakian anarchist imprisoned for defending himself against a Nazi attack) and to cover the legal expenses of the 28 September trial against anti-clericalist activists.


Bologna, 1/4 July: 16th Anti-Clerical Meeting 

Via Togliatti


Organized by the Associazione per lo Sbattezzo. Donato Romito of the FdCA presents a report on schools parity.


London (UK), 3-4 July: Congress of the Anarchist Communist Federation


The FdCA is invited to send a delegation and sends its greetings.


Bari (Apulia), 13 July: New FdCA branch


A new FdCA branch is formed by comrades active within the libertarian grassroots syndicalist movement.


Jesi (Marches), 28 August: Public meeting and debate on self-management


Organized by the FAI-Jesi with the participation of the FdCA's Fano branch.


Cremona (Lombardy), September: Opening in Cremona of a branch of the state Liceo Artistico school of Crema


A victory for the local Citizens' Committee to force the authorities to open a state school in Cremona. Support for the initiative from the FdCA's Cremona branch proves to be decisive.


Florence, 25 September: FdCA National Secretariat

  • Documents proposed for the 40th Council of Delegates meeting
  • Alternativa Libertaria as a registered non-profit organization
  • Role of the National Committee for Political Victims (Comitato Nazionale Pro Vittime Politiche)
  • Relations with Unicobas and the CGT-Spain.

Florence, 26 September: 40th Council of Delegates of the FdCA

FdCA branch premises - Via G.P. Orsini 44

  • Statement on pensions/severance pay/integrative insurance/tariffs/role of the major unions
  • Statement on schools parity
  • Support in the Emilia-Romagna region for the referendum to repeal the regional law on the financing of private schools
  • Re-launching an anarchist union strategy
  • Anti-militarism
  • The environment
  • Jubilee 2000 - local and national initiatives.

Participation by observers from Casalasco, Brescia and Genoa.


Fano (Marches), 2 October: The 1926 "Organizational Platform"


An event organized by the FdCA's Fano branch at the branch premises on the history and relevance today of the "Platform". Speaker - Donato Romito of the FdCA.


Jesi (Marches), 3 October: National meeting of the Comitato Nazionale Pro Vittime Politiche (CNPVP)


The FdCA participates in this initiative for the re-launching of the CNPVP as a defence mechanism for the anarchist movement. Offers to join the managing committee. (The initiative comes to nothing).


Jesi (Marches), 9 October: Presentation of the syndicalist journal "Di Base"


Organized by the FAI-Jesi. Donato Romito for the FdCA gives a speech.


Imola (Emilia Romagna), 10 October: Symposium on the Unione Anarchica Italiana (1919-1921)


Organized by the FAI-Imola. Adriana Dadà for the FdCA participates as speaker.


Florence, 23 October: Meeting between the FdCA and the Confederación General del Trabajo (Spain)


Discussion on a plan to support radical grassroots syndicalism in Italy and Europe.


Fano (Marches), 6 November: Stop the death of Mumia Abu Jamal


A public event in the Town Council rooms, organized by the FdCA's Fano branch, calling for freedom for Black Panther militant Mumia Abu Jamal. His book, "Death Blossom", is presented with the participation of a member of the Associazione Telematica Malcom X. Introduced by Silvia Francolini (FdCA).


Fano (Marches), 11 December: Balances of Peace - geopolitics and environmental impact of the Balkans war


An anti-militarist event organized by the "Comitato contro la guerra nei Balcani" (Committee against the war in the Balkans). The loacl FdCA branch participates.


Florence, 18-19 December: FdCA National Secretariat


  • Preparation for the organizational conference on union strategy
  • Alternativa Libertaria as a registered non-profit organization
  • Repression in Pordenone
  • Privatization of public services.

Florence, 31 December: Libertarian end-of-year party


Organized by the FdCA's Florence branch. Comrades from various parts of the country take part.