FdCA Timeline
The history of the Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici throughout the years: its congresses, meetings and activities


1997 1998 1999


Florence, 10 January: FdCA National Secretariat

  • Enacting measures decided at 5th Congress
  • Call for Organizational Conference to deal with matters remaining from Congress
  • Political initiatives.

Macerata, 23 January: Church schools, State schools, Freedom schools


Organized by the Via Alfieri CSA with an exhibition on the figure of Francisco Ferrer. Among the speakers, Donato Romito of the FdCA.


Rome, 24 January: National Chiapas demonstration


Partecipation by a delegation of the FdCA.


Florence, 1 February: 4th Organizational Conference of the FdCA

FdCA branch premises - Via Giano della Bella 22


  • Remaining matters from 5th Congress of December 1997
  • Election of national FdCA Commissions.

Rome, 7 February: "Once upon a time, there was a king..."

"Il Manifesto" International Bookshop


Presentation of Galzerano's book "C'era una volta un re..." on Passanante. Among the speakers, Adriana Dadą (FdCA).


Pesaro, 18 February: Defending public schools: not a penny to private schools!


An initiative promoted by the FdCA together with various citizens' associations. Speakers include Gianni Cimbalo of the FdCA.


Fano (PU), 8 March: 34th Council of Delegates of the FdCA

FdCA branch premises - Via da Serravalle 16

  • Institutional matters;
  • Labour matters;
  • Anti-militarism; 
  • Environmental matters;
  • Various struggles;
  • Local and national initiatives; 
  • International relations.

Fano (PU), 13 March: Inauguration of the FdCA-Fano branch premises

Via da Serravalle 16


With the participation of libertarian comrades from the town, the FdCA's Fano branch inaugurates the opening of its new premises, shared with the Associazione Culturale Alternativa Libertaria and the Unione Spazi Libertari in Via da Serravalle 16.


Milan, 21 March: National demonstration in demand of the 35-hour week


Organized presence of FdCA members, who distributed leaflets.


Fano (PU), 21 March: Anti-Prohibitionism Day


Public debate promoted by the FdCA's Fano branch and participation in a march.


Fano (PU), 28 March: No more bases!


Organized by the FdCA's Fano branch in the premises of the Town Council, the event highlights the role of US military bases in Italy and the Cermis disaster. With the participation of members of the CUCA 2000 initiative from Aviano and Adelina Zanella of the FdCA's Pordenone branch.


Florence, 29-30-31 March: Francisco Ferrer's Escuela Moderna


An exhibition on Ferrer together with debates. Organized by the FdCA's Florence branch and featuring a conference by Gianni Cimbalo (FdCA).


Jesi (AN), 19 April: Anti-Jubilee 2000 meeting


The FdCA's Fano branch, together with the FAI-Jesi, the Associazione per lo Sbattezzo and the Circolo Papini-Fano finalize details for the conference to be held on 20th June.


Cattolica (RN), 25 April: Anti-Fascist demonstration


With a delegation from the FdCA's Fano branch.


Florence, 8 May: FdCA National Secretariat

  • National report (individuals in Rome, Venice and Arezzo; Comunismo Libertario, the Anti-Clerical Conference)
  • International reporti (OSL-Switzerland, CGT-Spain, East/West anarchist meeting in Prague)
  • Announcement of 35th Council of Delegates
  • Activities of the organization and individual branches.

Florence, June: FdCA magazine "Alternativa Libertaria", No.5, published


This issue includes articles by Saverio Craparo; Antonio Politi; Donato Romito; Gianni Cimbalo; Rocco Petrone; Lia Didero; Gianrock2; Lorenzo Mucchi; and on AMI.


Cremona, 13 June: 35th Council of Delegates of the FdCA

CSA Kavarna

  • Analysis of the various actors in political, social, labour and cultural struggles with a view to developing struggles for a libertarian alternative
  • The role of anarchist communists.

Calvatone (CR), 14 June: 2nd Festival of Free Thought

Cooperativa IRIS


Anarchist songs, heretical menus and wine, exhibition on Francisco Ferrer. Organized by the FdCA's Cremona branch.


Fano (PU), 20-21 June: 15th Anti-Clerical Meeting 

Rocca Malatestiana


Organized by the Circolo Papini and the Associazione per lo Sbattezzo against the 2000 Jubilee. The FdCA participates fully with political contributions. Speakers include Donato Romito of the FdCA.


Florence, 5 July: FdCA National Secretariat

  • Anti-Clericalism
  • National reports
  • International report
  • Labour questions.

Prague (Czech Rep.), 27-31 August: 7th East-West Meeting


Organized by the Federace sociįlnķch anarchistł (FSA). Invitation made to the FdCA to send a delegation. The FdCA sends its greetings.


San Martino in Rio (RE), 3-6 September: 5th Self-Management Fair


The FdCA participates, with its own stand.


Livorno, 26 September: Festival of the FAI's Livorno group


AMong the speakers in the debate on schools is the FdCA's Donato Romito.


Florence, 27 September: FdCA National Secretariat

  • Institutional matters
  • Union elections
  • National reports
  • International report (Brazil, South Africa, Prague, participation at the alternative syndicalism convention in Rome).

Ancona, 28 September: Trial of anti-clericalists for "offence to Catholicism"


Decisive contribution of the FdCA to the defence team and the acquittal of the accused. Demonstration by the Comitato 28 settembre.


Florence, October: FdCA magazine "Alternativa Libertaria", No.6, published


This issue includes articles by Saverio Craparo; Adriana Dadą; Gianni Cimbalo; Dada Knorr; Rocco Granata.


Fano (PU), 4 October: 36th Council of Delegates of the FdCA

FdCA branch premises - Via da Serravalle 16

  • The worsening economic and institutional situation: how to radicalize community struggles
  • Analysing the poor results in the union elections in the schools and public sectors
  • Environmental matters
  • Various activities.

Florence, 20 October: Death of Pier Carlo Masini


In the October issue of Alternativa Libertaria, the FdCA magazine, Masini is remembered as "a historian of the workers' movement and anarchism. He was responsible for serious, passionate studies, dedicated to the re-discovery of the roots of anarchist communism, written in a lively style, and which were an enormous influence on many anarchist communists, helping to spread anarchist ideas. We prefer to remember to remember him as an editor of "Umanitą Nova" and "L'impulso", just after the War, as a public speaker and untiring propagandist of a modern, vital anarchist communism. Though his life was to take him away from our ranks, our debt of gratitude to him for all that he contributed to anarchist communism as a militant and as a historian can never be fully repaid.".


Florence, 1 November: FdCA National Secretariat

  • National reports (Pordenone, Livorno, 28 settembre trial)
  • Activities
  • International report.

Pesaro, 13 November: 50 years of struggle for social justice in Colombia


An initiative at the Town Council jointly organized by the FdCA's Fano branch.


Viareggio (LU), 19 November: State schools/Private schools: no parity is possible


Organized by the Livorno Camera del Lavoro. Conference with Gianni Cimbalo (FdCA).


Pordenone, 21 November: Struggles and Reforms in Education


Organized by the Circolo Zapata with Saverio Craparo and Donato Romito of the FdCA.


Cremona, 27 November: Campaign to open a state secondary school


The start of the struggle by the citizens' committee, with the support of local FdCA members.


Florence, December: FdCA magazine "Alternativa Libertaria", No.7, published


This issue includes articles by Saverio Craparo; Adriana Miniati; Gianni Cimbalo; Stefano Quaglia; Dada Knorr; Ciro Annunziata; Christian Duque; Lorenzo Mucchi.


Rome, 4 December: "Il Manifesto"


Under the title "Garanzia di libertą" (A guarantee of freedom), the communist daily newspaper publishes a letter by the FdCA in which it announces its decision to join the appeal for the defence of state schools and against state financing of private schools.


Florence, 20 December: 37th Council of Delegates of the FdCA

FdCA branch premises - Via GP Orsini 44

Debate and motions on:
  • The Italian government
  • European governments
  • The left in opposition
  • State financing of private schools.