FdCA Timeline
The history of the Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici throughout the years: its congresses, meetings and activities


1976 1977 1978


Rome, 12 March: National anti-repression demonstratione


Following the death of Domenico Lorusso in Bologna during clashes with the police, a large national demonstration is organized by the opposition movement. The ORA participates in the event. The demonstration is harshly repressed by the police.

Bologna (Emilia Romagna), 23-24-25 September: International anti-repression convention


The ORA participates at the event.

Bari (Apulia), 30 October: Regional ORA convention on "...after Bologna"


An event open to all libertarian comrades on the theme of the September convention in Bologna.

Bari (Apulia), 28 November: Benedetto Petrone murdered by fascists


A fascist squad murders the 18-year-old communist Benedetto Petrone in the city centre. There follow mass self-organized anti-fascist demonstratrions at fascist party and trade union offices.

Bari (Apulia), 30 November: Anti-fascist demonstration


Thousands of students, workers and citizens participate in the huge anti-fascist demonstration in the city for the death of Benedetto Petrone. Over 200 comrades participate in the ORA's anarchist communist section of the march. The ORA branch premises function as a base for the anti-fascist mobilization in the days following the murder of Petrone.