FdCA Timeline
The history of the Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici throughout the years: its congresses, meetings and activities


1976 1977



Bari, 2 May: 1st Regional Congress of the Organizzazione Rivoluzionaria Anarchica (ORA - Revolutionary Anarchist Organization)

The years of the Coordinamento Nazionale Lavoratori Anarchici (National Coordination of Anarchist Workers - CNLA, 1973-1975) having come to an end without any sign of the possibility for the formation of a national organization of Italian anarchist communists, the Organizzazione Anarchica Pugliese (Apulian Anarchist Organization - OAP), with members in Bari, Foggia, Barletta, Molfetta, Bisceglie, Altamura, Taranto and Palagiano, decides to extend its reach outside the confines of the region and becomes the Organizzazione Rivoluzionaria Anarchica (ORA - Revolutionary Anarchist Organization), in order to encourage the creation of a national anarchist communist organization. It begins a policy of meeting with other anarchist communist groups, with the aim of starting a process of fusion and unification on the basis of theoretic and strategic unity.