FdCA Timeline
The history of the Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici throughout the years: its congresses, meetings and activities


2004 2005 2006


Carignano (PU), 1-2 January: Libertarian New Year Festival 

Organized by the FdCA's Fano and Lausanne branches. Participation by comrades from various parts of Italy and abroad.


Fano (PU), 2 January: FdCA National Secretariat

  • Activities for the second half of 2004 and predictions for the first half of 2005
  • Anti-racist front in Sicily
  • FdCA workgroup on migrants
  • Regional observatory on the repression in Sardinia
  • FdCA-Savona historical archive
  • "Critical Wine" in Cremona
  • National workshop on community activity
  • International relations
  • Publications

Fano (PU), 5 January: Meeting of the Ethics and Gender Policies Commission

Establishment of a long-term programme (gender identity and nationalism in post-modern wars, gender identity and cultural prejudice) and a short-term programme (cultural deconstruction of rigid identities, the anti-militarist question, migrants)i.


Florence, 29 January: Meeting between the National Secretariat and the "Antipodi" editorial collective

  • Practical and political responsibility for the magazine remains with the FdCA's Florence branch
  • Editorial contributors nominated
  • Subscription campaign
  • Programme for 2005

Florence, 30 January: 58th FdCA Council of Delegates

 FdCA branch premises

  • Fund-raising activities
  • Campaign against Law 40 on fertility treatments
  • Regional elections
  • Activities of the Commissions and Workgroups
  • Campaign against the immigrant detention centres (CPTs)
  • Creation of Workgroup on Migrants
  • "Critical Wine" in Cremona
  • Organizational activities
  • International relations (project for anarchist communist website)
  • Editorial contributors for "Antipodi".

Florence, February: Publication of 3rd issue of "Antipodi", the FdCA's cultural, political and arts magazine

Issue dedicated to the theme of “wars”. Articles by Saverio Craparo, Achille Lodovisi, FdCA, Noam Chomsky, Pier Francesco Zarcone, Stecunga. Illustrated with works by the artist Corrado Bonomi.

ANTIPODI website


Bologna, 19 February: Organizational meeting for the 2nd Anarchist Bookfair

Participation by the editorial collective of Antipodi and Alternativa Libertaria on behalf of the FdCA.


Pesaro, 27 February: 1st National Workshop on community work

Unicobas premises – Via Scialoia 66

“The role and characteristics of anarchist communists' work within the community: organizational dualism and general tactics”

  • Role of grassroots organizations within the community
  • Collateral structures of the Mass Organization and the Political Organization

Palermo, 10 March: Demonstration for housing and against repression of social centres

Participation by the FdCA's local branch.


Jesi (AN), 13 March: Law 30/2003 and the precarization of labour

An initiative by the Centro Studi Libertari “Luigi Fabbri” with introduction by Donato Romito (FdCA-Pesaro).


Palermo, 16 March: Anti-racist demonstration

Participation of the local FdCA branch.


Lampedusa, 19-20 March: Mobilization for the rights of migrants and against the deportations

Mobilization on the island of Lampedusa organized by the Rete Antirazzista Siciliana (Sicilian Anti-Racist Network), with the presence of the FdCA Palermo branch, part of the network.


Ragusa, 2 April: National demonstration for the closure of immigrant detention centres

Participation by an FdCA delegation and distribution of leaflet.


Fano (PU), 8 April: FdCA National Secretariat

  • Activities for Spring 2005: "Critical Wine", referendum
  • Organizational Conference on FdCA Basic Strategy documents
  • Council of Delegates
  • Current situation regarding "Antipodi".

Cremona, 22-23-24 April: "Terra e Libertà"/"Critical Wine"

“Il Cascinetto” and CSA Kavarna – Via Maffi

The FdCA's Provincial Federation of Cremona co-organizes the initiative together with local social centres. Debate on the Resistance.

Cremona, 24 April: 59th FdCA Council of Delegates

conference rooms of “Il Cascinetto” – Via Maffi

  • For the sake of clarity and to eliminate all possibility of misunderstanding regarding the organization's position, it is decided to re-launch the debate on the institutional situation
  • Organization of the referendum campaign on changes to Law 40 (posters, request forms for council bill-posting spaces, special issue of Alternativa Libertaria, mobilizations)
  • Programme for the Commissions
  • Branch activities
  • International relations (www.anarkismo.net as a collateral structure of the Political Organization, editors representative of the specific anarchist communist organizations involved)
  • Organizational Conference on FdCA Theoretical Documents
  • National relations (S. Polo d’Enza festival)

Ragusa, 1 May: Anarchist demonstration

An initiative of the Federazione Anarchica Siciliana (FAS) in which the FdCA's Palermo branch participates, with bookstall.


1 May: International multilingual website www.anarkismo.net launched

Promoted by members of several political organizations (including the FdCA), inspired by the 1926 “Organizational Platform of the Libertarian Communists".


Fano (PU), 14 May: Campaign for the referendum to change Law 40/2004

Initiative of the FdCA's Fano branch in Corso Matteotti.


Fano (PU), 21 May: Campaign for the referendum to change Law 40/2004

Initiative of the FdCA's Fano branch in Corso Matteotti.


Crema (CR), 27 May: The Foibe, fascist concentration camps and historical revisionism

Anti-fascist convention jointly organized by the FdCA's Provincial Federation of Cremona with other local organizations.


Fano (PU), 27 May: Campaign for the referendum to change Law 40/2004

Initiative of the FdCA's Fano branch in Corso Matteotti, with stand.


Florence, June: Publication of 4th issue of "Antipodi", the FdCA's cultural, political and arts magazine

Issue dedicated to the subject of the ”environment”. Articles by Saverio Craparo, Giuseppe Panella, Giancarlo Leoni, Tommaso Lombardi, Lia Didero, Alba Nucera, Manuel Baptista, FdCA. Illustrated by the artist Deva Wolfram.

ANTIPODI website


Fano (PU), 4 June: Campaign for the referendum to change Law 40/2004

Initiative of the FdCA's Fano branch in Corso Matteotti, with stand.


Genoa, 10 June: Campaign for the referendum to change Law 40/2004

Initiative of the FdCA's Genoa branch in the suq.


Fano (PU), 11 June: Campaign for the referendum to change Law 40/2004

Open day at the FdCA's Fano branch premises.


National Referendum, 12-13 June: For the amendment of 4 articles of Law 40/2004 regarding fertility treatments

National campaign and poster by the FdCA in support of a YES vote for the self-determination of women and the freedom of access to treatments.


Pesaro, 18 June: Meeting of the Workgroup on Migrations

  • The Sicilian emergency
  • Relations with the Sicilian network and the network of the nationwide movement
  • Prospects for the planned anti-racist camp
  • It is decided to create an internal discussion list, migr_azioni@fdca.it

Pesaro, 18-19 June: 8th Organizational Conference of the FdCA

Unicobas premises - Via Scialoia 66

  • Proposals to modify and update the documents of Basic Strategy regarding: US Imperialism, ex-USSR and China, International Capitalism & Globalization, the State
  • Review of documents of Political Strategy regarding “Anarchist communists and the institutional question”.

Savona, 23 June: FdCA Regional Workshop - Liguria

  • Organizational Conference
  • The political situation
  • FdCA activity in the Liguria region

S. Polo d’Enza (RE), 24-25-26 June: Libertarian Days

An initiative jointly organized by the Gruppo Comunista Libertario “F.lli Cervi” of the Val d’Enza, the Federazione Anarchica Reggiana, and the FdCA's Provincial Federation of Cremona. Interventions by Fabrizio Acanfora and Monia Andreani for the FdCA. FdCA stand.

Palermo, 29 June: Anti-eviction sit-in in Via dei Cappuccini

Organized by the “12 luglio” Struggle Committee with the participation of the FdCA's Palermo branch.


Valencia (Spain), 30 June-2 July: 15th Congress of the CGT

The FdCA sends its greetings to the Congress.


Torino, 2 July: Anti-fascist demonstration for the freeing of two comrades

Demonstration called by the Federazione Anarchica Italiana. Adhesion and participation of an FdCA delegation.


La Spezia, 5 July: Meeting between FdCA-Genoa and the Circolo Alternativa di Classe of La Spezia

Exchange of positions on labour issues and on the forthcoming CGIL Congress. Possibility for joint political initiatives in the area of La Spezia.


Assisi (PG), 12-17 July: “Thinking again about revolutions”

International convention organized by Socialismo Rivoluzionario. Invitation extended to the FdCA.


Treviso, 16 July: FdCA in Treviso

New anarchist communist presence in the city of Treviso, in close contact with the Pordenone branch.


Licata (AG), 26 July-6 August: Anti-racist Camp against the CPTs

With the participation of the FdCA's Palermo branch, part of the Rete Antirazzista Siciliana (Sicilian Anti-Racist Network).


Fano (PU), 6-7 August: FdCA National Secretariat

  • Forthcoming events and areas for intervention (the Florence bookfair; the CGIL congress; the 7th FdCA Congress; Workgroup on Migrations; Commissions; 20th anniversary of the FdCA)
  • Local initiatives (Festival of Free Thought in Cremona; festival of grassroots organizations in Fano; festival in Genoa)
  • Press and propaganda (pamphlets; news-sheet)
  • National relations, international relations (local joint initiatives; meeting with Alternative Libertaire, possible meeting with Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group, initiatives on the Organizational Platform).

Dublin (Ireland), 17 August: The Platform: What relevance, if any, does it have to the anarchist movement today?

Discussion hosted by the Workers Solidarity Movement. Introduced by Nestor McNab (FdCA-Rome). Interview on local radio channel Near FM with McNab and the Californian anarchist communist, Robyn Banks.


Fano (PU), 31 August: FdCA National Secretariat

  • Preparation of report for Council of Delegates to be held on 4 September on the political objectives of the FdCA for the coming year.

Florence, 2-4 September: 1st International Fair of Anarchist and Libertarian Culture – 2nd Anarchist and Libertarian Bookfair – 3rd Biannual Art & Anarchy Exhibition

Palatenda – Via Fabrizio De Andrè

FdCA stand with full range of printed FdCA material: the magazine "Antipodi", the online news-sheet "Alternativa Libertaria", the pamphlets in the Quaderni di Alternativa Libertaria series, books published by Crescita Politica Editrice. Also present a delegation and stand of Alternative Libertaire (France).

Florence, 4 September: 60th FdCA Council of Delegates

FdCA branch premises – Via G. P. Orsini 44

  • Report of the National Secretariat on the political situation for autumn and possibilities for intervention: approval of document on “subsidiarity” and on the “defeat of neo-liberal policies in order to defeat the centre-right”
  • National Workshop on labour issues on 23 October, dealing with: union democracy, severance pay, CGIL congress
  • Congress on Basic Strategy to be held in June 2006
  • National Workshop on migrants
  • Reports of Commissions, Workgroups and Branches
  • Initiatives for the anniversaries of the Organizational Platform, the Spanish Revolution and 20 years of the FdCA.

Peli di Coli (PC), 9 September: 60th Anniversary of the Liberation

Initiative promoted by the local Piacenza branch of the partisans' association, ANPI, together with other organizations to remember the anarchist partisan commander, Canzi, one of the leading members of the resistance movement in Piacenza and in the north of Italy. On the invitation of comrades from Piacenza, FdCA members from Cremona participate, with distribution of FdCA publications.


Parma, 9 September: Anti-fascist initiative - "Le Barricate"

Important appointament for local and other anti-fascists, also concerning the Arditi del Popolo. As in previous years, FdCA members participated, with bookstall.


Casalmaggiore (CR), 9-10 September: "Festa di Liberazione"

On initiation of local officials of Rifondazione Comunista, the Cremona branch of the FdCA maintained a bookstall during the festival.

Cremona, 17 September: 9th Festival of Free Thought

“Il Cascinetto” – CSA Kavarna

Public event organized by the FdCA's Provincial Federation of Cremona. Conference with Francesca Palazzi Arduini (FdCA-Fano): “From eros to Ratzinger”. Theatre with Carlo Rivolta. Stands. Music.

Rome, 21 September: Meeting of the Workgroup on FdCA Publications

Preparation and approval of a programme for publications in the pamphlet series "Quaderni di Alternativa Libertaria" or through publishers: translation of historical texts and new works.

Fano (PU), 23-25 September: “History is us!” - grassroots organizations event

The FdCA's Fano branch participates, through the Associazione Alternativa Libertaria. During the 3-day event there are video showings on local anti-militarist activities in the past decade. Conference on 23 September on the same theme. Among the speakers, Lia Didero (FdCA-Fano).

Genoa, 24-25 September: Environmentalist festival for the defence of the Acquasola Park

Promoted by the local popular committee, the FdCA's Genoa branch participates through the Associazione Alternativa Libertaria. Food stands and bookstalls organized by the FdCA. Among the speakers during the public debate, Fabrizio Acanfora and Piero Ravizza (FdCA-Genoa).

Milan, 6 October: Cinema & Anarchism

Held at the Ateneo Libertario (Milanese FAI), an initiative based around a showing of Jean Vigo's Zero de conduite. FdCA members and publications present.


Gradisca (GO), 22 October: National demonstration against the CPTs

Promotes by the Rete Antirazzista (Anti-Racist Network). FdCA delegation participates.


Pesaro, 23 October: 4th National FdCA Workshop on Labour Issues

Unicobas premises - Via Scialoia 66

  • Union democracy
  • Pension reform and severance pay
  • 15th CGIL Congress
  • For a renewal of class-struggle syndicalism

Rome, 18 November: Acanfora Trial

Second hearing in the trial of Trenitalia versus Acanfora, which ends with a victory for our comrade, a railway worker, union activist and FdCA member.

Oderzo (TV), 28 November: Inter-regional FdCA Workshop -  North-East

With comrades from the Veneto and Friuli regions.
  • Organization and distribution of FdCA publications
  • Initiatives on secularism
  • Union intervention

Fano (PU), 2 December: FdCA National Secretariat

  • Ongoing Campaigns: Mobilizations against reform of severance pay; environmentalist committees (No TAV and others); Anti-clericalist (Facciamo Breccia) and feminist (Usciamo dal silenzio) committees; Anti-racism and anti-CPT movement
  • Press: Subscription campaign for "Antipodi"
  • Internal relations with the Italian movement: FAI Reggiana and the Gruppo comunista anarchico Fratelli Cervi (organization of the 3-day libertarian festival; joint debate on the IWW ); reply to the Circolo Alternativa di Classe of La Spezia on Europe
  • International relations: the role of www.anarchismo.net
  • Forthcoming dates: possible dates for the National Workshop by the Ethics & Gender Policies Commission (late February) and the National Workshop on Migrants by the Workgroup on Migrants (late March).

Rome, 3 December: National anti-racist demonstration

Participation of an FdCA delegation with distribution of leaflets.


Rome and Palermo, 6 December: Against the TAV

Solidarity demonstrations with the struggle in the Val di Susa. Participation of local FdCA branches.


Fano (PU), 7 December: Against the TAV

Solidarity demonstration with the struggle in the Val di Susa. Participation of local FdCA branch.


Fano (PU), 10 December: Against the TAV

Solidarity demonstrations with the struggle in the Val di Susa. Organized by local FdCA branch with the participation of other local social and political organizations forces (Arcigay, local environmentalist associations, CSA di Pergola).


Turin, 17 December: National Anti-TAV March

Participation of an FdCA delegation.


Palermo, 17 December: Anti-TAV Demonstration

Solidarity sit-in with the Turin demonstration, jointly called by the local FdCA branch.


Pozzallo (RG), 20 December: Conference of the Collettivo Libertario Antirazzista

Initiative against the Bossi-Fini Immigration Law, with participation and contributions from the Palermo branch of the FdCA.


Florence, 23 December: Publication of 5th issue of "Antipodi", the FdCA's cultural, political and arts magazine

Issue dedicated to the “The Europe of Capital's Constitution”. Introduction by Saverio Craparo and articles by Ramon Fernandez Duran, Ana Hernando and Luisa Acevado, Anne Gray, Desiderio Martin Corral, Clara Guillo Girard, Marta Soler Montiel, David Garcia Aristegui, translated from the special issue of the same name of the Spanish magazine “Pensamiento Libre”, published by the  CGT. Illustrated by the artist Raffaella Formenti.

ANTIPODI website


Trapani, 28 December: Anti-racist Demonstration

Participation of the FdCA's Palermo branch.


Cremona, 31 December: Libertarian end-of-year party

Organized by the FdCA's Cremona branch at CSA Kavarna.