FdCA Timeline
The history of the Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici throughout the years: its congresses, meetings and activities


2002 2003 2004


Imola (BO), 3 January: 25th Congress of the Federazione Anarchica Italiana (FAI)


The FdCA sends its greetings. 


Fano (PU), 9 January: "Reduce, re-use, re-cycle. Towards a sustainable form of waste management"


Initiative of the Libera Università Popolare with contribution from Lia Didero of the FdCA. 

Genoa, 11 January: Conference/debate on wars


Initiative of the Biblioteca Libertaria Ferrer. The FdCA's Genoa branch participated. 

Cremona, 12 January: An Event with Luigi Veronelli


Presentation of the book "La cuoca di Durruti" and proletarian lunch. Initiative organized by the FdCA Provincial Federation of Cremona.

Pesaro, 18 January: Solidarity with redundant FIAT workers


A labour initiative held in the rooms of the Provincial council with members of the committee of redundant workers from the FIAT factory in Cassino. Political and culinary support from the local FdCA branch, with funds collected for the national fund to support the struggle of the redundant FIAT workers.

La Spezia, 25 January: National anti-war march


Participation by the FdCA, with banner and flags.

Florence, 2 February: 52nd FdCA Council of Delegates

FdCA branch premises - Via GP Orsini 44

  • Publications news: decision made to produce a new six-monthly political, arts and cultural magazine - Antipodi; Alternativa Libertaria becomes an online news-sheet; production of the pamphlet series Quaderni di Alternativa Libertaria continues
  • Poster calling for YES vote in the referendum on Article 18 of the Workers' Statute to be produced; participation in local committees to promote YES vote
  • 3rd Festival of Alternativa Libertaria in Pordenone
  • Participation in national and international anti-War and Anti-G8 initiatives
  • Presentation of FdCA members' publications.

Rome, 11 February: Organizational meeting for the 15th February demonstration


The FdCA's Rome branch participates together with the FAI, USI-Roma, SR and other local organizations. 

Fano (PU), 14-15-21-22 February/7-8 March: "Post-modern nationalisms and wars from the gender point of view"


A series of public meetings organized by the Libera Università Popolare. Among the speakers, Monia Andreani (FdCA-Fano). 

Rome, 15 February: National anti-war march


Organized presence of the FdCA, with distribution of an international statement, as part of a united anarchist and anti-authoritarian block. 

Genoa, 1 March: Italy's Regions in search of a non-existant identity


Presentation of the book of the same name by FdCA member Gianni Cimbalo, with debate on federalism. Organized by the FdCA's Genoa branch together with the author. 

Bologna, 16 March: FdCA National Secretariat

  • Nomination of the editorial collective for the online news-sheet, Alternativa Libertaria
  • 3rd Fesival of Alternativa Libertaria
  • Referendum
  • National relations
  • Possibility of premises for the FdCA's Rome branch
  • International relations.

Ancona, 22 March: Regional anti-war demonstration


Participated in by the FdCA's Fano branch. 

Livorno, 23 March: "Organization of the workers' movement: an unresolved question. The anarchist proposal: experiences in the field, theoretical reference points"


National anarchist convention organized by the Federazione Anarchica Italiana. The FdCA's Labour Commission participates. 

Rom2, 2 April: Meeting between the FdCA's Rome branch and the editors of Vis-à-Vis magazine


Proposal for participation in a critical discussion forum. 

Genoa, 4 April: Remembering Franco Serantini


Video showing of "S'era tutti sovversivi" and debate. Organized by the FdCA's Genoa branch. 

Nice (France), 12 April: War and the economy: the market, arms and oil


Anti-militarist conference/debate organized by the FdCA's Alpes Maritimes branch and Alternative Libertaire. 

Torricella del Pizzo (CR), 1st May: Anarchist festival on the Po


Organized by the FdCA Provincial Federation of Cremona.

Bari, 2 May: Historical archive


Large part of the historical archive of the ex-ORA is recovered and placed in the FdCA branch premises in Fano. 

Ancona, 17 May: Constituent assembly of the Marches Regional Coordination of Grassroots Unions


The following unions are participants: RdB, S.in-Cobas, Unicobas, Confederazione Cobas, USI/AIT, S.NA.TER and ALI. FdCA union activists also participate.

Bologna, 18 May: 53rd FdCA Council of Delegates


  • Definition of the programme and poster for the 3rd Festival of Alternativa Libertaria in Pordenone
  • Posters and leaflet for the referendum campaign
  • Advance viewing of Antipodi and the new news-sheet.

Evian (France) - Lausanne (Switzerland), 25 May- 2 June: Anti-G8 protest


Participation of an FdCA delegation. Police repression. 

Referendum, 15 June: Partial repeal of Article18 of Law 300/1970


The FdCA promotes a YES vote through a poster campaign, in order to extend the notion of "just cause" in cases of dismissals to companies with fewer than 15 employees.

Genoa, 24 June: Meeting between the FdCA's Genoa branch and Socialismo Rivoluzionario


Invitation to the FdCA to participate at SR's national convention in Assisi. (FdCA did not then participate due to its exclusion from the opening round table).

Florence, June: Publication of Issue No.0 of "Antipodi", the FdCA's cultural, political and arts magazine

Issue dedicated to the theme of the "movements ". Articles by Saverio Craparo, Adel Jabbar, Jesu Casquete, Laurent Esquerre, Stefano Lissia, "En la calle" (Argentina), Pier Francesco Zarcone, FdCA. Illustrated by the artist Andrea Granchi.

ANTIPODI web site


Pordenone, 26-27-28-29 June: 3rd Festival of Alternativa Libertaria

with the Circolo Libertario Zapata, at the Polisportiva Villanova

"From social opposition to the libertarian alternative"

Debates: "Now what? Reflections on the Article 18 referendum"; "Parallel divergences: devolution and libertarian federalism". FdCA speakers include: Silvia Francolini, Fabrizio Acanfora, Adriana Dadà, Gianni Cimbalo. "Anarchist organizations in the Balkans", with delegations from Slovenia and Croatia. Presentation of the first issue of the magazine Antipodi. Exhibitions, videos, theatre, concerts, stands. A delegation from SR is present.


Pordenone 27 June: Meeting between FdCA and OSL-Switzerland


The current situation and future of the SIL network.

Pordenone, 28 June: Meeting of the FdCA's International Relations Office


It is decided that the IRO should have a greater role and that a multilingual FdCA website be created.

Pordenone, 28 June: Meeting of FdCA's female members


Objectives: how to ensure our collective and mixed work within the FdCA is also feminist; the need to work on the symbolic as important within the FdCA; sexism as an invisible evil in leftist and anarchist politics; instruments for working within the FdCA; women taking part in international affairs as women.

Pordenone, 5 July: Inter-ethnic sit-in. Attack against FdCA member


Organized by local anti-racist and radical groups in reply to the repression of migrants. FdCA member Lino Roveredo is vilely attacked by members of the "disobbedienti", the new red fascists.

Genoa, 16 August: Anti-union repression in Trenitalia


Fabrizio Acanfora, a railway worker, union activist and FdCA member is hit by disciplinary measures following his denunciation in the press of the damage caused to rail services by privatization.

La Spezia, 6 September: National demonstration in memory of the 30th anniversary of the Chilean coup


Organized participation of the FdCA.

Cremona, 12 September: FdCA National Secretariat

  • Local tactics
  • Collateral structures
  • Seminars
  • National relations
  • Towards the 6th Congress.

Modena, 12-14 September: 19th Anti-clerical Meeting

Spazio Sociale "Libera"

Organized by the Associazione per lo Sbattezzo. Among the speakers, Donato Romito of the FdCA.

Florence, 19-20-21 September: 1st Anarchist Bookfair


FdCA stand with printed material: the magazine Antipodi; the news-sheet Alternativa Libertaria; political pamphlets from the Quaderni di Alternativa Libertaria series; books published by C.P.; internet point featuring anarchist communist websites from around the world.

Florence, 21 September: 54th FdCA Council of Delegates


  • Tactics for work in the unions and in the community: national labour workshops and community workshops; presence and influence within grassroots disputes, the more politicized networks and collectives, and within collateral structures
  • Development of relations with FAI groups locally
  • Relations with SR to establish respective positions
  • International relations
  • Participation in the Libertarian Social Forum in Paris
  • Legalization of FdCA press
  • Internal education programme
  • Formation of a specific Workgroup for FdCA women
  • 6th Congress called for June 2004.

Parma, 27 September: National anarchist anti-racist demonstration


Organized participation by the FdCA.

Florence, October: Publication of 1st issue of "Antipodi", the FdCA's cultural, political and arts magazine

Issue dedicated to the theme of "body/bodies". Articles by Saverio Craparo, Antonio Politi, Adriana Dadà, Monia Andreani, Gianpaolo Rossi, Irene and Marco Paganini, Giancarlo Leoni, Gianni Cimbalo, Stefano Lissia, Nucleos Anarquistas de Acción Directa (Bolivia). Illustrations by the artista Joel Peter Witkin.

ANTIPODI web site


Genoa, 17-19 October: 9th Congress of Socialismo Rivoluzionario


Virgilio Caletti of the FdCA greets the congress on behalf of the anarchist communists.

Rome, 23 October: Presentation of the FdCA magazine "Antipodi"


An initiative by the FdCA's Rome branch at the Odradek bookshop, presented by Adriana Dadà (FdCA-Florence).

Genoa-Pegli, 26 October: 1st National FdCA workshop on union intervention


"The FdCA's tactics on labour issues and organizational instruments useful for work within the unions".

Paris (France), 11-12 November: Libertarian Social Forum


Participation by an FdCA delegation.

Lausanne (Switzerland), November: Conference on "Education and the privatization of knowledge"


An initiative of the "La Commune" group of associations. Speakers include Gianni Cimbalo of the FdCA.

Cremona, 22 November: 7th Festival of Free Thought

"Il Cascinetto" - CSA Kavarna

Organized by the FdCA's Cremona branch. Presentation of the FdCA magazine "Antipodi" with Pier Francesco Zarcone (FdCA-Rome).

Bologna, 21 December: 55th FdCA Council of Delegates


  • Antipodi editorial programme
  • Statements on the wildcat strikes, Law 40/2004 and the climate of repression
  • 2nd labour workshop
  • Internal education programme
  • Agenda for the 6th Congress
  • FdCA branch formally established in Palermo, Sicily.

Fano (PU), 31 December: Libertarian end-of-year party


Organized by the FdCA's Fano branch, with participation by comrades from various parts of Italy and abroad.