FdCA Timeline
The history of the Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici throughout the years: its congresses, meetings and activities


2001 2002 2003


Florence, 20 January: 7th Organizational Conference of the FdCA

Conference rooms, FdCA branch premises - Via GP Orsini 44

  • "The organizational state of the FdCA; prospects for growth on a local, national and international level; organizational structures"
  • Alternativa Libertaria as a collateral structure
  • FdCA news and information service.

Cremona, 26 January: Alternativa Libertaria Assembly


Organized by the FdCA's Cremona branch to launch the Alternativa Libertaria Culatural Association. 


Pordenone, 31 January: Argentina rebelde


Jointly organized by the FdCA's Pordenone branch together with other local libertarian groups. 


Livorno, 2 February: National anarchist anti-war demonstration


Participation by the FdCA. 


Cremona, 7 February: Festival-concert in memory of Fabrizio De Andrè

Organized by the FdCA's Cremona branch.

Genoa-Pegli, 23 February: Inauguration of new FdCA-Genoa branch premises

The FdCA's Genoa branch inaugurates its new premises, named after the anarchist rail worker Nino Malara, in the historical Casa del Popolo. Speakers include Saverio Craparo and Donato Romito (FdCA).

Cremona, 23 February: Alternativa Libertaria Assembly


The cultural association Alternativa Libertaria is formally founded. First issue of the association's newsletter, Mutuo Appoggio. 


Bologna, 24 February: FdCA National Secretariat

  • Second Festival of Alternativa Libertaria in Pordenone
  • 1st May in Cremona
  • Labout/union discussion lists
  • Initiatives of branches.

Florence, 9 March: National feminist demonstration


Formal participation of the FdCA. 


Fano (PU), 14 March: Union unrest and social conflict


A Public initiative of the FdCA's Fano branch at the Libreria del Teatro bookshop, with speaker Gianni Cimbalo (FdCA). 


Fano (PU), 16 March: Towards the General Strike of 16th April


The FdCA's Fano branch organizes an information point, with distribution of syndicalist material. 


Fano (PU), 23 March: Towards the General Strike of 16th April


The FdCA's Fano branch organizes an information point, with distribution of syndicalist material. 


Pordenone, 7 Aprile 49th Council of Delegates of the FdCA

Circolo Libertario Zapata

  • Programme for the 2nd national festival in Pordenone
  • Situation regarding the struggles and the general strike of 16th April; leaflet urging a renewal of radical syndicalism
  • The FdCA acquires its own web dominion: www.fdca.it.

Observers present from the Circolo Libertario Zapata, Pordenone.


Florence, May: FdCA magazine "Alternativa Libertaria", No.13, published


This issue includes articles by Saverio Craparo; Ilan Shalif; Consejo Indígena Popular de Oaxaca "Ricardo Flores Magón" (Mexico); Centre international de recherches sur l'anarchisme (Lausanne); Donato Romito; Lia Didero.


Scandolara Ravara (CR), May Day: 6th Festival of Free Thought

Organized by the FdCA's Provincial Federation of Cremona. Debate on environmental damage caused by the Ti-Bre motorway, with speaker Giancarlo Leoni (FdCA).

Milan, 10-12 May : 12th Congress of the Unione Sindacale Italiana-AIT


FdCA is invited and sends a delegation. 


Bologna, 1 June: FdCA National Secretariat

  • Finalization of programme for the 2nd Festival of Alternativa Libertaria in Pordenone; invitations to all anarchist groups in the Veneto and Friuli regions for the presentation of the SIL network
  • FdCA involvement possible in local committees for the Article 18 referendum, but no to gathering signatures for the referendum petition.

Pordenone, 27-28-29-30 June: 2nd Festival of Alternativa Libertaria

with the Circolo Libertario Zapata, at the Polisportiva Villanova

"For a libertarian opposition to neo-liberalism"

  • Debates on "New social conflict: work and rights"; "The sacking of the territory". FdCA speakers: Fabrizio Acanfora, Giancarlo Leoni;
  • Presentation of the international ILS/SIL (International Libertarian Solidarity) network with delegations from France and Switzerland;
  • Exhibitions, films, concerts, stands.

Rio Torto di Piombino (LI), 5-8 September: 18th Anti-clerical Meeting 


Organized by the Associazione per lo Sbattezzo. Contribution from Donato Romito of the FdCA during the debate on "Free public education".

Florence, 8 September: FdCA Labour Commission 

  • Finalizing proposal to be made at the Bologna National Assembly of Anarchist Workers
  • Support for strikes and the referendum on Article 18.

Bologna, 22 September: Assembly of Anarchist Workers, called by the FAI


The FdCA participates with contributions from Fabrizio Acanfora and Donato Romito, with the following important results: a joint poster and leaflet to be produced by the  FAI and the FdCA on the occasion of the general strike called for 18th October against the Berlusconi government; planning of joint initiatives, including one on wages to be organized by the FdCA Labour Commission. 


Genoa-Pegli, 4 October: Debate on union work


Presentation by the FdCA's Genoa branch of issue no.4 of the FdCA Labour Bulletin. 


Genoa, 5 October: Demonstration against the war in Iraq


Participation by the FdCA's Genoa and Ventimiglia branch, with distribution of joint FAI-FdCA leaflet. 


Genoa, 6 October: 50th Council of Delegates of the FdCA

FdCA branch premises, Casa del Popolo di Pegli

  • Production of documents on: the role of conflictual syndicalism, of the movements, and of anarchist communists in renewing the struggles; general strike of 18th October
  • The role of libertarians at the forthcoming European Social Forum
  • Local and national FdCA events and initiatives
  • Press & propaganda.

Participation of observers from Genoa, Savona, Nice.


Ancona, 18 October: Grassroots syndicalist demonstration for the general strike


The FdCA's Fano branch participates in separate block. 


Orléans (France), 1-3 November: 6th Congress of Alternative Libertaire


The FdCA is invited and sends its greetings. 


Florence, 8 November: European Social Forum: debate on globalization


Organized by the FdCA's Florence branch. FdCA stand at the ESF in Fortezza Dal Basso. 


Florence, 9 November: European Social Forum, international anti-war demonstration


The FdCA participates with minibus and banners. 


Crema (CR), 16 November: FdCA National Secretariat

  • Re-organization of FdCA press 
  • Labour tactics (difficulties in maintaining united positions with the FAI)
  • Development of FdCA branches
  • De-activation of the AL non-profit association.

Genoa, 18 November: Anarchist communist theory


An internal education initiative organized by the FdCA's Genoa branch on anarchist communist theory and the institutional question, with speaker Saverio Craparo (FdCA-Florence). 


Fano (PU), 5 December: "Home production and alimentary self-management, organic producers and fair trade. Some experiences"


Organized by the Libera Università Popolare on the initiative of the FdCA's Fano branch. Among the speakers, Lia Didero (FdCA-Fano).


Bologna, 15 December: 51st Council of Delegates of the FdCA


  • FdCA Tactics for increasing social and labour struggles:
    • against devolution and federalism, YES to the referendum on Article 18;
    • conflictual syndicalism as coordinated and collective action by anarchist and libertarian union activists irrespective of which union they belong to;
    • mass committees against the war in the case of conflict in Iraq
  • Press: proposal for a new magazine; develop the Quaderni di Alternativa Libertaria series of pamphlets
  • Opening the pre-Congress phase.

Fano (PU), 30 December: FdCA National Secretariat

  • 2002 accounts
  • Programme of publications for 2003
  • Development of the labour discussion lists
  • Development of the FdCA
  • Managing the congressional phase
  • Possible participation in FAI initiatives
  • Multilingual collaboration with A-Infos
  • International relations (Brazil; G8 in Evian; articles for foreign press)
  • Formal creation of FdCA branches in Rome and Alpes Maritimes.

Fano (PU), 31 December: Libertarian end-of-year party


Organized by the fdCA's Fano branch with the participation of comrades from all over Italy.