FdCA Timeline
The history of the Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici throughout the years: its congresses, meetings and activities


2000 2001 2002


Milan, 4 January: FdCA National Secretariat

  • Membership 2001
  • Festival of Alternativa Libertaria
  • The FdCA Labour appeal and our hopes following its presentation
  • Developing the FdCA
  • Visibility
  • First steps towards the 6th Congress
  • Making Alternativa Libertaria a registered non-profit organization.

Florence, 4 February: Nationwide presentation of the "Appeal to anarchist and libertarian union activists for a conflictual form of syndicalism with libertarian practices"

Conference rooms at FdCA premises - Via GP Orsini 44

The FdCA presents its Appeal, signed by around a hundred union activists. The presentation is attended by many from the libertarian left wing of the CGIL, from libertarian grassroots unions (USI-Rome, Unicobas, CUB) from the FAI and the anarchist movement. The meeting gives rise to the creation of a number of mailing lists for debate and information (sindacalismoconflittuale@yahoogroups.com, anarchici_e_cgil@yahoogroups.com, ferrovieriinlotta@yahoogroups.com). A contact group with members of Unicobas, CUB and Comunismo Libertario magazine is created. Proposals for further debates on a national level to be held in Livorno, Milan and Genoa.

Gussola (CR), 3 March: Libertarian proletarian dinner


Organized by the FdCA's Casalasco branch.

Ravenna, 10 March: National demonstration against Monsanto


The FdCA campaigns and participates in the event.


Genoa, 11 March: 45th Council of Delegates of the FdCA

C.U.B. premises

  • Positive reaction to the presentation of the Labour Appeal and the campaign to promote it; participation at further meetings agreed
  • Programme for the FdCA's first national festival, to be held in Genoa
  • General election 2001

Observers from Genoa and activists from the CSOA Pinelli squat present.


Naples, 17 March: National demonstration against the OECD/World Bank Global Forum


The FdCA organizes a coach for the Naples demonstration and participates with its own sector. Violent repression on the part of the State forces.


Livorno, 17-18 March: National convention of the FAI on social welfare

FAI premises in Via degli Asili 33

An FdCA delegation participates. Saverio Craparo (FdCA-Florence) speaks on the subject of pensions. Support for the FdCA's Labour Appeal.


Fano (PU), 24 March: Stories of everyday injustice: repression and the death penalty in the USA against Native and African Americans


Organized by the FdCA's Fano branch, the event deals with the cases of Mumia Abu Jamal and Leonard Peltier, with guests from the Malcolm X Association.


Madrid (Spain), 31 March-1 April: Birth of the I.L.S/S.I.L. (International Libertarian Solidarity) network


Many anarchist and libertarian organizations from various parts of the world participate in the founding of the ILS network. The FdCA will join in September 2001.


Valladolid (Spain), 5-8 April: 14th Congress of the CGT - Confederación General del Trabajo


FdCA delegation is invited but unable to participate. Greetings are sent.


Milan, 7-8 April: National convention of the magazine "Sindacalismo di base" on: the crisis in democratic corporativism - the attack on the social wages, the precarization of labour, and neo-liberal policies

FAI premises -Viale Monza 255

Fabrizio Acanfora and Virgilio Caletti of the FdCA participate on behalf of the FdCA with the aim of promoting the FdCA's Labour Appeal.


Genoa, 24 April: Fascist attack on the CSA Pinelli social centre


FdCA-Genova issues a statement of solidarity.


Cremona, 25 April: Commemoration of the 130th anniversary of the 1871 Paris Commune


A public initiative organized by the FdCA's Cremona branch.


Torricella del Pizzo (CR): Proletarian, libertarian May Day


Organized on the banks of the Po River by the FdCA Provincial Federation of Cremona.

Florence, 6 May: 46th Council of Delegates of the FdCA

FdCA branch premises - Via GP Paolo Orsini 44

  • Initiatives to promote the FdCA Labour Appeal
  • FdCA national festival in Genoa
  • Anti-G8 demonstrations
  • Making Alternativa Libertaria a registered non-profit organization.

General Election: 13 May


National FdCA poster campaign: "This right is dangerous and able to win. This left cannot and does not want to stop them. Self-management of the struggles! Re-distribution of wealth - FdCA".


Florence, June: FdCA magazine "Alternativa Libertaria", No.11, published


This issue includes articles by Saverio Craparo; Lia Didero; Pier Francesco Zarcone; Monia Andreani; Stefano Quaglia; Gianni Cimbalo; Lorenzo Mucchi.


Genoa, 9 June: National anarchist anti-G8 demonstration


Called by the "Anarchici contro il G8" coalition which includes the FdCA's Genoa branch. The FdCA participates with its own coach and sector.


Fano (PU), 12 June: "Education: public services and the principle of subsidiarity"


Presentation of the book by FdCA member Gianni Cimbalo, "La scuola tra servizio pubblico e principio di sussidiarietà", at the Libreria del Teatro, organized by the FdCA's Fano branch together with the author.


Genoa, 22-23-24 June: 1st Festival of Alternativa Libertaria

at the CSOA Pinelli social centre


"Against economic and social oppression"

Debates on "Old and new forms of the Right", "Who needs school today", "Globalization and the G8: analysis and experiences". FdCA speakers include Adriana Dadà, Donato Romito and Saverio Craparo. The festival also hosts a national convention of anarchist and libertarian activists on the theme of "The negation of rights and form of labour struggle". Exhibits, video showings, concerts and stalls.


Fano (PU), 14 July: World anti-globalization day


The FdCA's Fano branch organizes an anti-global tour, a guided tour of neo-liberal globalization in Fano.


Genoa, 20 July: Meeting between FdCA and Alternative Libertaire (France)


The meeting deals principally with questions relating to the birth of the ILS-SIL. Alternative Libertaire expresses its desire to see the FdCA join.


Genoa, 20 July: International anti-G8 protest


The FdCA organizes an autonomous sector in the demo held in Sampierdarena which was called by the grassroots trade unions and the "Anarchici Contro il G8" coalition. 1,500 copies of a leaflet jointly produced with Alternative Libertaire-France (who joined the FdCA sector) and the Organisation Socialiste Libertaire-Switzerland are distributed. The day was profoundly marked by the murder of Carlo Giuliani by a carabiniere and the worst sort of police repression was witnessed on the night of 20-21 July.


Fano (PU), 24 July: Our Genoa

at the Tendone Sassonia

The FdCA's Fano branch jointly organizes this event, following the violent and murderous police repression in Genoa.


Fano (PU), 29 August: FdCA National Secretariat

  • The effects of Genoa on local work and the crisis in the Social Forums
  • NATO counter-summit in Pordenone
  • Joining the ILS-SIL
  • The FdCA Labour Appeal. What now?
  • Organizational Conference in place of Congress
  • Making Alternativa Libertaria a registered non-profit organization.

S. Daniele Po (CR), 2 September: 5th Festival of Free Thought


"Ed avevamo gli occhi troppo belli" - Remembering Fabrizio De André"

Organized by the FdCA Provincial Federation of Cremona together with the editor of A-Rivista Anarchica magazine.


Jesi (AN), 3 September: Meeting between FdCA-Fano and FAI-Jesi


Agreement is made for a consultation pact with the possibility of joint actions.


Bologna, 16 September: Meeting between FdCA and Red Libertaria Apoyo Mutuo (Spain)


RLAM invites the FdCA to join the ILS-SIL and to increase its international visibility. The FdCA indicates its disappointment at the lack of progress made on the agreements reached in Lyons between various libertarian communist organizations, but announces its intention to join the ILS-SIL.


Bologna, 16 September: 47th Council of Delegates of the FdCA


  • Decision made on FdCA position following the events of 11th September in New York and Washington
  • Tactics regarding the anti-globalization movement based on the establishment of horizontal, federative and anti-authoritarian structures; no entry in Social Forums; criticism of the Black Bloc tactic
  • Participation in the NATO counter-summit in Pordenone
  • Final verification of the outcome of the Labour Appeal
  • Vote NO at the referendum on the Constitution
  • Organizational Conference
  • Joining the ILS-SIL.

Genoa, 25 September: Arson attack on the CSOA Pinelli


The FdCA's Genoa branch issues a statement of solidarity.


Fano (PU), 26 September: Anti-NATO deomstration


Jointly organized by the FdCA's Fano branch with other local political and grassroots groups.


Pordenone, 29 September: National convention on "Global NATO"


Organized by the CUCA 2000 coalition. Participation by an FdCA delegation. Speakers include Donato Romito (FdCA-Pesaro).


Institutional referendum, 7 October: Changes to Title V of the Constitution


National FdCA poster campaign calling for a NO vote.


Milan, 19 October: Presentation of the book "Unholy Wars" by John K. Cooley


Organized by the Circolo Anarchico "Ponte della Ghisolfa". The FdCA's Cremona branch participates.


Fano (PU), 20 October: "Women and men, war and peace, military operations and public opinion"


Debate organized by the local Assemblea cittadina per la pace (peace assembly), which the FdCA's Fano branch is a member of.


Paris, 24 October: International appeal following the events of 11th September


The FdCA signs the international appeal launched by Alternative Libertaire (France) and RLAM (Spain), "Neither fundamentalist nor imperialist barbarism", signed by many anarchist and anarcho-syndicalist organizations.


Fano (PU), 27 October: "War is stupid!"


Anti-militarist festival against the war in Afghanistan

Jointly organized by the FdCA's Fano branch.


Bologna, 28 October: FdCA National Secretariat

  • More on the Labour Apeal
  • Strengthening on the FdCA's Labour Commission
  • Organizational Conference
  • Anti-militarist activities
  • Participation in ILS-SIL projects
  • Possibilities for joint actions against the war.

Cremona, 11 November: Demonstration against the war in Afghanistan


The FdCA Provincial Federation of Cremona participates with its own sector.


Bologna, 25 November: 48th Council of Delegates of the FdCA


  • Motion on anti-terrorism measures
  • Motion on the political situation in Italy and internationally
  • After the Labour Appeal
  • Organizational Conference
  • English version of the FdCA pamphlet on the war in Afghanistan, "The Fifth World War"
  • Strengthening the FdCA Labour Commission.

Florence, December: FdCA magazine "Alternativa Libertaria", No.12, published


This issue includes articles by Saverio Craparo; Donato Romito; Stefano Quaglia; Workers Solidarity Movement (Ireland); Lucien Van der Walt; Nestor; FdCA-Genoa; ILS-SIL.


Cremona, 15 December: Proletarian dinner


Organized by the FdCA Provincial Federation of Cremona.

Fano (PU), 24 December: Successful outcome of the Nestlé boycott


Following strong pressure by the Ethical Carnival Group (which the FdCA's Fano branch is a member of), the contract which obliges the Fano Carnival to distribute Perugina/Nestlé products is cancelled.


Calcinelli (PU), 31 December: Libertarian end-of-year party


Organized by the FdCA's Fano branch. Comrades from various parts of Italy participate.