FdCA Timeline
The history of the Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici throughout the years: its congresses, meetings and activities


1996 1997 1998


Carrara, 6 January: Ugo Mazzucchelli dies, aged 93


The February edition of the FdCA's magazine, Alternativa Libertaria, remembers him as: "...persecuted and forced to live in a semi-clandestine state during the Fascist period. He was an organizer of anarchist partisan units, founder of the partisans' cooperative union, active in Carrara in the expropriation of the local rich to finance the people's Committees for National Liberation (CNL) and help re-build the city and the workers' organizations. Among his many merits was certainly also that of being one of the main promoters of the move to rid the Italian anarchist movement of the control over it by the individualist anarchists of "L'Adunata dei Refrattari", with their expulsion from the Livorno congress in 1965, a move which gave new life to class-struggle anarchism in the country".


Florence, 17 January: Public meeting on the International Marches Against Unemployment


A public meeting organized by the FdCA with the participation of a member of the Spanish CGT.


Rome, 31 January: Anarchist Anti-Fascism


Organized by the Circolo Anarchico "M. Bakunin" at the Alberone Local Committee premises. Adriana Dadà of the FdCA presents the book by Italian anarchist Nino Malara, one of the leaders of the Italian Railwaymen's Union in the early 20th century, on anarchists in the fight against fascism.


Madrid (Spain), 31 January/1-2 February: 13th Congress of the Confederación General del Trabajo


The FdCA is invited to give a report on the current state of the trade-unions movement in Italy.


Florence, February: FdCA magazine "Alternativa Libertaria", No.3, published


This issue includes articles by Saverio Craparo; Gianni Cimbalo; Gianrock2; Stefano Alessandri; Paqua; Sua; Lorenzo Mucchi; Gianluca Majeli.


Florence, 23 February: FdCA National Secretariat

  • The internal situation
  • National reports
  • International report
  • Joining the national committee for the anti-Maastricht march.

Florence, 24 February: National FdCA Seminar

Meeting rooms at SNUR-CGIL union premises


"The Strategy of the Church, Capital and the State for funding private schools". Seminar aiming to stimulate debate and produce material both for political/union work and in the light of the pre-congressional debate within the FdCA on the Minimum Programme. Introduction by Gianni Cimbalo.

Fano (PU), 8 March: "From mutual aid societies to social centres: ways and means of the class struggle"


Organized by the "Rete per l’Autogestione" in the local town hall. Introduced by Adriana Dadà of the FdCA.


Florence, 15 March: Regional demonstration for the right to education and jobs


The FdCA's Florence branch participates.


Casalmaggiore (CR), 11 April: Chiapas, the revolt of the excluded


Organized by the FdCA's Provincial federation of Cremona at the Circolo Turati. Speakers include FdCA members Lia Didero and Silvia Francolini.


Pesaro, 12-23-25 April: Initiatives for the European Marches Against Unemployment, Job Insecurity & Social Exclusion


Launched by the Rete per l’Autogestione ("self-management network"), originally promoted by the local FdCA branch.


Florence, 16 April: Public assembly for the European Marches Against Unemployment, Job Insecurity & Social Exclusion


Launched by the local citizens' committee of which the FdCA's Florence branch is a member.


Pesaro, 23 April: "Pensions under attack"


A public initiative at the CSA Oltrefrontiera social centre, jointly organized by the local FdCA branch. Conference by Gianni Cimbalo of the FdCA.


Florence, 19 April: FdCA National Secretariat

  • Campaign for the marches against the Maastricht Treaty
  • Decision to join the May Day marches in Rome (anti-fascist) and Aviano (anti-militarist).

Florence, May: FdCA magazine "Alternativa Libertaria", No.4, published


This issue includes articles by Saverio Craparo; Stefano Quaglia; Gianrock2; Marcos; Enrico Paganini; Donato Romito; Sua; Lorenzo Mucchi; Gianluca Majeli.


Rome, 1-4 May: Church schools, state schools, freedom schools. Workshop on Francisco Ferrer


Organized by the education sector of the Unicobas trade union. Speakers include Donato Romito of the FdCA.


Cremona, 8 May: The "Rete Sprigionare" is formed


Formed from local grassroots groups including the FdCA's Cremona branch, the "Rete Sprigionare" is a network that promotes the liberation of political prisoners.


Ancona, 17 May: National demonstration against the military intervention in Albania


Called by the Coordinamento Anarchico Marchigiano (Marche Anarchist Coalition), including the FdCA's Fano/Pesaro branch which takes part in the march.


Ancona, 7 June: Regional Assembly for the European March in Amsterdam


An assembly of political organizatrions, trade unions and social centres in the Marche region at the ANPI premises. A delegation of the FdCA takes part.


Reggio Emilia, 7-8 June: 2nd Anarchist Youth Convention


The FdCA is invited and sends its greetings and proposals.


Fano (PU), 10 June: European Marches demonstration


A sit-in jointly organized by the local FdCA branch in the town centre.


Amsterdam (Netherlands), 14 June: European March Against Unemployment, Job Insecurity & Social Exclusion


In Italy the FdCA promotes committees for the march and other initiatives in line with other political organizations and libertarian syndicalists throughout Europe. An FdCA delegation takes part in the Amsterdam march.


Calvatone (CR), 15 June: 1st Festival of Free Thought

At the Cooperativa IRIS


Anarchist songs, heretical menus and wine. Organized by the FdCA's Cremona branch.


Florence, 28 June: FdCA National Secretariat

  • The "Minimum Programme"
  • Pre-congressional preparations
  • Management of the FdCA website.

Florence, 29 June: National FdCA Convention

"The Anarchist Communist Minimum Programme"


  • Conclusion of the pre-congressional debate on the Minimum Programme;
  • The international economic phase and Italy;
  • Self-managed movements and social centres;
  • Internal education and local programmes.

Granada (Spain), 3-4 July: CGT-Enseñanza Convention


The FdCA is invited and sends its own union and pedagogical material.


Spain, 26 July-3 August: 2nd International Meeting for Humanity and Against Neo-Liberalism


An FdCA delegation takes part in several workshops.


Fano (PU), 22-24 August: 14th Anti-Clerical Meeting

Bastione Sangallo


Organized by the Circolo Papini and the Associazione per lo Sbattezzo. An FdCA delegation participates.


Cremona, 12-13 September: Anti-Fascist demonstration at the CSA Kavarna


Organized by the FdCA Provincial Federation of Cremona and the "Kavarna" Self-Managed Social Centre.


Florence, 13 September: FdCA National Secretariat

  • 5th FdCA National Congress officially announced
  • Branch activities
  • National reports
  • Relations with the OSL (Switzerland) and the CGT (Spain).

Cremona, 20 September: New Year for the 1871 Paris Commune


An initiative of the FdCA Provincial federation of Cremona.


Pordenone, 27 September: Francisco Ferrer's Escuela Moderna


Organized by the Circolo Zapata at the local Coop meeting rooms, with an exhibition on Ferrer and debates. Among the speakers, Donato Romito of the FdCA.


Bari, 4-5 October: Convention on education


Organized by the local FAI. The FdCA is invited and sends a written contribution.


Florence, 11-12 October: FdCA National Secretariat

  • Proposals by the National Secretariat for the 5th Congress;
  • National reports;
  • Analysis of the current economic phase sent to European organization, as per mandate received from the Lyons conference;
  • Statement on the Budget.

Roma, 18 October: Meeting between FdCA and Genzano anarchist group


Following the grassroots syndicalist demonstration against the 1997 Budget. Agreement for future cooperation made.


Cremona, 25-26 October: National FdCA Convention on Self-Management

Conference rooms at "Il Cascinetto" - CSA Kavarna


“How things will be 100 years ago” – self-management theory and practice from the late 19th century. The ideals of the Pisan anarchist Giovanni Rossi. Adriana Dadà and Donato Romito are the speakers on behalf of the FdCA.

Also participating, members of the Comune Urupia, CSOA Forte Prenestino and the Shake publishing company.


Besançon (France), 8-10 November: 4th Alternative Libertaire Congress


The FdCA is invited and sends its greetings.


Fano (PU), 11 November: Capitalist Economy


An internal education session organized by the FdCA for members and supporters at the branch premises. Presented by Saverio Craparo (FdCA).


Fano (PU), 20-21-22 November: Francisco Ferrer's Escuela Moderna


Debate and exhibition on Ferrer at the S. Arcangelo hall, organized by the FdCA's Fano/Pesaro branch. Speakers include Gianni Cimbalo of the FdCA and a representative of the magazine “Libertaria”.


Pordenone, 6-7-8 December: National Convention against the military bases


Organized by the Comitato Unitario Contro Aviano 2000, with the participation of Saverio Craparo of the FdCA.


Florence, 13-14 December: 5th Congress of the FdCA

Conference rooms of the CPA - Via Giannotti


  • Congress on the Minimum Programme of the Anarchist Communists, containing elements of Political Strategy and General Tactics.
  • "Alternativa Libertaria" adopted as the official monthly organ of the FdCA.
  • Council of Delegates re-activated.
  • National Secretariat of 3 members from Florence and Pesaro.
  • Branches and members in the regions of Tuscany, Lombardy, Marches and Friuli.

Observers from the CPA, Florence and the Circolo Zapata, Pordenone.