FdCA Timeline
The history of the Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici throughout the years: its congresses, meetings and activities


1993 1994 1995



Florence, 1 January: Publication of 13th issue of "Agenzia di informazione della FdCA"


In this issue: Viva Zapata!; and yet it moves!; dying young.


Florence, 23 January: FdCA National Assembly


“The Institutional Question”, part of the pre-congressional debate on political strategy. Introduced by Gianni Cimbalo of the FdCA's Florence branch.

Livorno, February: Publication of No. 10, year VIII, of the FdCA magazine, "Comunismo Libertario"


Articles by: Cristiano Valente, Saverio Craparo, Claudio Strambi, Gianni Cimbalo, Giulio Angeli, Stefania Baschieri, Raffaele Schiavone, Adriana Dadà, Mario Salvadori, USI and anon.


Florence, 20 February: FdCA National Secretariat

  • Preparation for the FdCA's 4th Congress.

Gussola (Lombardy), 23 March: The new and the novel in capitalist ideology


A public event at the Circolo Culturale, organized by the FdCA and the local branch of Rifondazione Comunista. Speaker, Giancarlo Leoni for the FdCA.


Pesaro, 21 March: Legislative Decree 29/1993 and Public Sector bargaining


Event organized by grassroots syndicalists at the CSA Oltrefrontiera social centre. Speakers include Gianni Cimbalo of the FdCA.


Florence, 29 March: The Second Republic and possible scenarios


Public debate organized by the FdCA's Florence branch.


Livorno, 16 April: Union struggles


Public debate organized by the “Collettivo Officina” collective together with the FdCA's Livorno branch. FdCA speakers: Giulio Angeli, Claudio Strambi and Gianni Cimbalo.


Pisa, 17 April: The Kronstadt Revolt, 1921


Public debate organized by the FdCA's Pisa and Lucca branches. Introduced by Giulio Angeli for the FdCA.


Pordenone, 23 April: Anarchist Anti-Fascism


Public event organized by the Circolo Libertario Zapata with a talk by Adriana Dadà for the FdCA.


Milan, 25 April: National demonstration against the Berlusconi government


Autonomous FdCA sector in the march with banner. 5,000 leaflets distributed.


Livorno, May : Publication of No. 12, year VIII, of the FdCA magazine, "Comunismo Libertario"


Articles by: Carmine Valente, Marco Coseschi, Guido Barroero, Cristiano Valente, Enrico Paganini, Giulio Angeli, Laurent Esquerre, AC Agir ensemble contre le chomage, Virgilio Barachini and anon.


Cremona, May Day: a libertarian celebration


Organized by the FdCA's Cremona branch in cooperation with the Gruppo "E. Canzi" (FAI) from Piacenza.


Florence, 13 May: Emma Goldman book presentation


Event organized by the Florentine Anarchist Movement (MAF) with a talk by the FdCA's Adriana Dadà.


Florence, 14-16 May: 4th Congress of the FdCA

FdCA Branch premises – Via Malpighi 32r


  • Congress on Political Strategy. Documents (adopted by majority vote) on:
    • "FdCA Programme of Action in the Social Movements"
    • "Anarchist Communists and the Institutional Question"
    • "Anarchist Communists and the Mass Organization"
  • Election of Council of Delegates
  • National Secretariat of 4 members from Florence, Pisa and Pesaro.
  • Branches and members in Tuscany, Lombardy, Marches, Veneto and Friuli.

Florence, 31 May: The Institutions under the Second Republic (federalism and fascist restoration)


Public event organized by the FdCA's Florence branch.


Florence, 8 June: FdCA National Secretariat


  • Business from the 4th Congress
  • Workplan
  • Anti-Clerical Meeting.

Fano (Marche), 19-23 August: 11th Anti-Clerical Meeting

Rocca Malatestiana


Organized by the Circolo Papini of Fano and the Associazione per lo Sbattezzo. FdCA delegation and infopoint.


Florence, 18 September: FdCA National Secretariat


  • Official announcement and preparation of the Extraordinary Congress.

Florence, 9 October: Extraordinary Congress of the FdCA

FdCA branch premises – Via Giano della Bella 22


  • The members of the Livorno, Lucca and Pisa branches leave the FdCA. A majority of the Congress defeats the proposal by these branches to transform the FdCA into a federation of synthesis with not theoretical and strategic unity or collective responsibility. The magazine "Comunismo Libertario" remains with the branches which leave, the majority of whose members join the Federazione Anarchica Italiana (FAI - Italian Anarchist Federation) over the next few years.
  • Council of Delegates de-activated.
  • National Secretariat of 3 members from Florence and Pesaro.

Florence, 22 October: FdCA National Secretariat


  • The internal situation: re-launching the FdCA's political analysis
  • Strategy for the FdCA's survival and re-launching the organization after the split (press, national relation, conventions and exhibitions, Agenzia (news bulletin), demonstrations)
  • International relations.

Jesi (Marche), 19 November: Anarchist Communists and the struggle against the 1995 Budget


Event organized by the Centro Studi Libertari featuring a conference by Gianni Cimbalo of the FdCA.


Rome, 21 November: National demonstration against the Berlusconi government


An FdCA delegation participates.


Livorno, 10-11 December: National convention on labour


Organized by the magazine “Comunismo Libertario”. Speakers include libertarian grassroots syndicalists. The FdCA is invited.


Florence, 17-18 December: National FdCA Seminar

FdCA branch premises – Via Giano della Bella 22


“The New Right”: the new right and the economy – the new right and education – the new right, communications, culture and the environment – the new right, social welfare and freedom.

Also participating, the CPA from Florence.


Florence, 29 December: Meeting between the FdCA and Alternative Libertaire (France)


Agreement reached for cooperation in publishing projects, in counter-information and international meetings.