FdCA Timeline
The history of the Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici throughout the years: its congresses, meetings and activities


1984 1985 1986



Florence, 2 February: Meeting between the Federazione Comunista Libertaria Ligure (FCLL), Organizzazione Rivoluzionaria Anarchica (ORA), Partito Anarchico Italiano (PAI) and Unione dei Comunisti Anarchici Toscani (UCAT)


  • The document "I comunisti anarchici e l'organizzazione di massa" [Anarchist communists and the mass organization] is adopted as an official position by each organization, with some amendments
  • Debate on items of common interest.

Florence, 9-10 February: UCAT Congress


  • Ratification of the unification process with the ORA
  • Proposals for the unification congress.

Pesaro (Marches), 2 March: Council of Delegates of the ORA


  • Evaluation of the unification process with the UCAT and preparation of the new organization's 1st Congress.

Bologna, 25 March: Meeting between the ORA and the UCAT on unification


A Unification Commission is set up to deal with the pre-congress debate.

Florence, 21 April: Meeting between the FCLL, PAI and ORA/UCAT


  • ORA/UCAT "Bollettino Sindacale" and Labour Commission also open to the FCLL and the PAI
  • National demonstration for a referendum on the "scala mobile" [index-linked wage system]
  • Preparation of a seminar on the political organization
  • The question of "Democrazia Consiliare" [Councilist democracy] within the CGIL.

Cremona, 26 May: Anarchist communists and self-managed grassroots structures for work within the community


Seminar organized by the ORA's Struggles & Community Commission with the participation of comrades from Cremona, Suzzara, Pegognaga and Legnago.

Bologna, 8 June: ORA+UCAT Pre-congressional Debate Commission


Proposed motions for the unification congress.

National referendum, 9 June: For the repeal of the law abolishing the "scala mobile"


Nationwide campaign and poster campaign by the ORA/UCAT together with other Italian libertarian communist organizations for a YES vote to repeal the 14 February 1984 law abolishing the index-linked wages system.


Florence, 6-7 July: UCAT Congress


  • Preparation of motions for the unification congress
  • Amendment of ORA theoretical documents.

Florence, 7 July: ORA+UCAT Pre-congressional Debate Commission


  • Preparation of motions for the unification congress
  • Relations with the FCLL, the PAI and the Coordinamento Comunista Anarchico (Anarchist Communist Coalition - CCA) from Fano for the seminar on the political organization.

Suzzara (Lombardy), 13 July: ORA/UCAT-PAI-FCLL Labour Commission


  • CGIL Congress and the Democrazia Consiliare current within the CGIL
  • "Bollettino sindacale".

Pesaro (Marches), 18 July: Meeting between the ORA/UCAT and the Workers Solidarity Movement (Ireland)


Report on the state of the anarchist communist movement in the two countries. Comparison of positions on union work by anarchist communists and discussion of possibility of publishing a bilingual pamphlet.


Fano (Marches), 26-28 July: 2nd Anti-Clerical Meeting

Rocca Malatestiana


Organized by the CCA from Fano and the ORA/UCAT.


Pesaro, 28 July: Council of Delegates of the ORA


  • Preparation of motions for the congress of unification with the UCAT.

Modena (Emilia-Romagna), 21 September: ORA+UCAT Pre-congressional Debate Commission


  • Official calling of the unification Congress
  • Seminar on the political organization
  • Relations with the PAI and the FCLL.

Cremona (Lombardy), 26 October: Meeting between the ORA/UCAT and the CCA from Fano


The Coordinamento Comunista Anarchico of Fano communicates its decision not to join the unification process.

Cremona: 26-27 October: Congress of Unification of the ORA/UCAT
(also 1st Congress of the members of the future FdCA)

Conference rooms of the Coop


  • Unification of the Organizzazione Rivoluzionaria Anarchica (ORA - Revolutionary Anarchist Organization) and the Unione dei Comunisti Anarchici Toscani (UCAT - Union of Tuscan Anarchist Communists)
  • A single theory and strategy is adopted
  • Decision to use the name ORA/UCAT for one year
  • Election of the Council of Delegates
  • National Secretariat of 3 members, from Lucca, Crema and Pesaro
  • Branches and members in Tuscany, Lombardy, Apulia, Marches and Veneto.
  • The Coordinamento Comunista Anarchico (CCA - Anarchist Communist Coalition) from Fano, which had participated in the pre-unification debates and process decides not to become part of the new organization. It later becomes the Circolo Culturale Papini, with a stable FdCA presence, and continued to host the anti-clericalist meetings in Fano until 1997.



Bologna, 9 November: 1st Council of Delegates of the ORA/UCAT


  • Fulfilment of congressional decisions on the National Secretariat, Labour Commussion and Struggles and Community Commission.

Bologna, 8 December: ORA/UCAT National Secretariat


  • Relations with other anarchist communist organizations
  • Proposals for federation bodies.

Florence, 21 December: ORA/UCAT Labour Commission


  • Labour tactics
  • Union work by members in their localities
  • Democrazia Consiliare in CGIL.