7th National Congress of the FdCA


Cremona, 1st October 2006
at the CSA Kavarna, LocalitÓ Il Cascinetto, Via Maffi 2


On Sunday 1st October 2006, the FdCA will be holding its 7th Congress in Cremona, northern Italy.

After a year of preparation and debate, this FdCA Congress is to approve changes and updates to our Basic Strategy documents, and in particular to those dealing with the State, the globalization of international capitalism and the role of the USA.

The changes to be made during this Congress are aimed at redefining and enriching the FdCA's theoretical and strategic heritage, by adapting our theoretical documents in the light of developments in the current situation and the dynamics of international capitalism, in the role of the State, and in the future for the international proletariat's struggle. We believe that the FdCA will emerge from this Congress with renewed unity of theory and strategy, which is the basis of the Anarchist Communist political organization, in Italy and throughout the world.

Congress will also be called on to produce a document which can serve as a programme for the politics of anarchist communists in the FdCA on a national and international level, in light of the current economica and political situation. The experiences of the struggle and the movement and the lessons we have learned in the period since our 6th Congress in 2004, will go towards better defining a programme of action and initiative in support of the role of anarchist communists within the mass organizations, the movements, and in the anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian struggles for equality and freedom.

The FdCA welcomes all delegations from abroad who wish to send their greetings to our Congress.

For further information, please contact:

Web: http://www.fdca.it 

E-mail: internazionale@fdca.it 

Tel: +39.3296180304

(Federation of Anarchist Communists)