5th Congress


Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici


Florence, 13-14 December 1997

Motion on International Relations


Over recent years, the Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici has built stable relationships of exchange and cooperation with similar organizations such as Alternative Libertaire in France, the Organisation Socialiste Libertaire in Switzerland, the Workers Solidarity Movement in Ireland, the Anarchist Communist Federation in Britain and also with the Confederación General del Trabajo trade union in Spain. The Federation intends to continue seeking to create further opportunities for cooperation and international initiatives between these and other organizations that are part of the anarchist and anarcho-syndicalist movement so that the role of class-struggle anarchism can continue to be more and more visible and effective at those times when mobilization and solidarity will be necessary as a result of the struggle against neo-liberalism and "Maastricht-Europe" over the coming months. In particular, our efforts should be concentrated in resistance against:

1. the Schengen Treaty;

2. the constant reduction in public services in favour of privatized services (from schools to healthcare to transport, from welfare to pensions, from social protection for the elderly and the disabled to social and cultural services);

3. rising unemployment and the loss of labour rights (on working hours, wages, tasks, union representation, etc.).

To that end, apart from international meetings, marches and demonstrations, the FdCA intends to put greater emphasis on developing forms of information-sharing and organization that also use new technology such as Internet, seeking to make more coordinated use of our respective websites.