Federazione dei comunisti anarchici

Cremona, 1-2 November 1986



Important political dates and indications on how the organization should deal with them


Congress hereby establishes as priorities for the Labour Commission the following areas in which the organization will develop a presence and seek to involve all Italian anarchist communists:

  1. the development of class opposition - with renewal of national labour contracts as the ideal time to set out an alternative to reformism - with the objectives of full employment, real wage increases, the widening and improvement of social services, the re-qualification of investments which must be aimed at improving the quality of life and of working, social and natural environments;
  2. the development and extension of the organizational structures and political presence of the class opposition within the world of labour, which has recently seen some positive moments with the creation of a "class line" in the CGIL and the revival of the opposition within the industrial workers' sector.

The following areas are the most suitable areas for intervention, apart from any unforeseen events (replies to which will be dealt with by the Council of Delegates):


Motion VI