Federazione dei comunisti anarchici

Cremona, 1-2 November 1986



Subjective analysis of the FdCA and variation of the organization's internal structure until the next Congress


Currently, the constructive capacity of our organization at local level depends on the capacities of our branches or individual members as class-struggle reference points and not as an organization. On the national level our constructive capacities are dependent on the spread of our tactical proposals and on others who may or may not share these.

We are therefore under-performing in this area.

This situation has come about as a result of certain political errors we have made, albeit due to the difficult political situation we are faced with and which we will have to confront with fewer illusions.

Our small numbers require that we do not spread out our forces too much, and that we concentrate instead on a few clear objectives.

Despite this, the FdCA is undoubtedly the only anarchist communist political project and thus should be publicized, discussed and undergo practical testing.

The tactical objective we give ourselves, then is a double one: to become stronger and to gather and solidify consensus.

1. To become stronger, we must:

  1. regularize the legal status of the FdCA;
  2. establish a series of internal education courses.

The National Secretariat will provide the operational and decision-making structure with which to reach these objectives. While the question of ownership of the Cremona premises must be discussed between the comrades from Cremona and the Secretariat, the solution must be accepted by the organization as a whole. While the legal Statute of the organization will be discussed and decided upon by lawyers together with the Secretariat, it must be read and approved by means of a referendum requiring an absolute majority of the organization (or failing that at the next Congress).

2. Gathering and solidifying consensus requires us to publish our tactics; from the practical point of view, the following objectives will be pursued:

In order to move on from sterile, limited internal debate, however excellent it may be, to move on from the limits of an anarchist and libertarian movement without a high-quality, non-sectarian voice, we need to produce a high-quality magazine open to all contributions, even ones critical of our ideas.

The magazine will, at least initially, necessarily be precarious, experimental and at risk of failure.

Mandate is hereby given to the Press & Propaganda Commission to present a feasibility study for a magazine to the Council of Delegates.

One study convention will be organized by members of the organization from Southern Italy and will address the problems of that area. The other convention will be organized by the Cremona branch and will be concerned with the nuclear issue.

The plan for the magazine does not mean that we have given up any mid-term plans for a true organ of the organization, which Congress considers to be the most powerful means of political propaganda whose practicability depends exclusively on subjective factors deriving from our capacities and on objective factors regarding cost and technical matters.

In view of the National Secretariat's report on the functioning of the organizations structures, Congress decides to entrust  the tasks of the Organizational Commission to the Secretariat, to activate the Press & Propaganda Commission and to set up a Commission charged with arranging the organization's theoretical documents, to be composed of two members.

(unanimously approved)


Motion IV