Federazione dei comunisti anarchici

Cremona, 1-2 November 1986


Motion on the Name of the Organization


Congress decides that, given the results of the referendum, the name of the organization shall be the Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici (F.d.C.A. - Federation of Anarchist Communists).

Congress furthermore decides that the National Secretariat shall publish a political document in support of this choice of name, which will also serve as an indication of the organization's political and cultural direction. Congress also instructs the Council of Delegates to appoint two comrades to draw up, within six months, a political and historical document on the experience of the ORA and the UCAT, the relationship between them and their relationship with the rest of the Italian anarchist communist movement.

Congress believes that the organization's magazine should be called "Sinistra Libertaria" (Libertarian Left) as a way of further supporting the choice of name.

(approved by majority of Congress)


Motion I