Unification Congress

Organizzazione Rivoluzionaria Anarchica-Unione Comunisti Anarchici Toscani

Cremona, 26-27 October 1985

Final Document


On 26-27 October 1985 the Congress of unification of the Organizzazione Rivoluzionaria Anarchica (O.R.A. - Anarchist Revolutionary Organization) and the Unione dei Comunisti Anarchici della Toscana (U.C.A.T. - Union of Tuscan Anarchist Communists) took place in Cremona, following a period of debate lasting over two years, with a deep understanding and served as the starting point for the unification of Italy's anarchist communists. Unification is therefore a significant step forward, though by itself it is not enough, as there are still other organizations and groups within the anarchist movement who have yet to provide their intentions.

The ORA/UCAT confirms its position as part of the history of class-struggle anarchism, as a consequence of which it expresses its strategic positions:

  1. the search for the political unity of anarchist communists;
  2. the active presence of anarchist communist militants within the workers' mass organizations of today, working to build a self-managed mass organization;
  3. the search for class unity and solidarity as basic requirements for the defence of the workers' immediate interests and for the realization of the historical interests;
  4. the active presence of anarchist communist militants within grassroots bodies throughout the country that actively seek to challenge the control of society by capital and the State, and the culture of profit.

In realizing these strategic objectives, the ORA/UCAT considers it is essential to address the working class movement and other combative movements, and it therefore places strong emphasis on intervention within its political programme.

The ORA/UCAT cannot limit itself to interventions within the anarchist communist movement or, more generally, the anarchist movement.

However, it is necessary to continue the process of debate, as the unity of anarchist communists is indispensable if we are to have anything but a marginal presence in society.

Congress has established the following political programme:

  1. organize a seminar on "Anarchist Communists and the political organization" by Spring 1986 as an opportunity to explore this question which is essential for the unity of anarchist communists and also to be able to bring to a wider audience some understanding of the real political project which anarchist communists have been developing since the times of the First International and which has seen them play a key role within the international class struggle;
  2. National labour contract bargaining and the CGIL Congress will see anarchist communist militants facing the challenge of better qualifying their presence within the workers' mass organization through a united front;
  3. organize a series of study and debate sessions on the self-managed grassroots organizations which are part of the anti-nuclear, anti-militarist and student movements;
  4. establish possibilities for cooperation and debate with any organizations or groups from abroad who are part of the class-struggle anarchist movement.

Congress invites all Italian anarchist communists to engage in debate on these proposals and looks forward to the possibility of meeting and cooperating with them.

ORA-UCAT Unification Congress