Book presentation in Rome:
"La libertÓ e la terra - gli anarchici nella Rivoluzione messicana"


"Rediscovering the pages in history on the Mexican Revolution from an anarchist point of view provides two main benefits: a historical benefit, as we are dealing with the first revolution of the 20th century which, without an anarchist influence, would have been somewhat different, a revolution which laid the groundwork for later political action by, for example, Augusto CÚsar Sandino in Nicaragua, or Farabundo MartÝ in El Salvador; then there is the current political benefit, given the direct links between the Mexican Revolution and today's Zapatista movement in Chiapas - the EZLN, the modern-day "Magonist" indigenous movements such as that in Oaxaca. And of course Mexico is also a font of inspiration for much of the newly-emerging anarchist communist movement in Latin America.
The Mexican Revolution was long considered in Europe as a sort of folkloristic, confused indigenous "
jacquerie" of little political or ideological importance and one which played only a very marginal role in the history of the westernized world. But this evaluation does no justice whatsoever to an event that even today has an enormous relevance to Latin American minds."

Presentation of the book

Saturday 21st April 2007 at 5.30pm
at the Laboratorio Sociale "La Talpa", via Ostuni 9 (Piazza del Quarticciolo), Rome

Bus 451 from Ponte Mammolo and Subaugusta metro stations
Tram 14 from Termini Station

Organized by:

Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici - "Carlo Cafiero" Branch, Rome
Centro di Documentazione Anarchica
Laboratorio Sociale "La Talpa"