Anti-Fascist Vigil in Fano



There will be an Anti-Fascist Vigil on Saturday 9th February 2008, from 5.00pm on, at the premises of "Alternativa Libertaria" in Via Serravalle 16, Fano - 50 metres from Piazza XX Settembre where a march by the naziskins of Forza Nuova through the town of Fano is due to end. The vigil will be joined by other groups and individuals in the anarchist movement in the Marches region, grassroots syndicalists and grassroots associations.

FdCA - "Nestor Makhno" Branch, Fano



The anti-fascist assembly, meeting on Saturday 2nd February 2008 at the "Oltrefrontiera" Social Centre in Pesaro


its full solidarity with the comrades who were the victims of a neo-fascist attack on the night of 26/27 January outside the "Oltrefrontiera" Social Centre. This attack is another in the series of neo-fascist violence that has unfortunately affected the province and city of Pesaro over the past 2 years. Even here "values" such as racism, authoritarianism and discrimination of anyone who is different are coming out again of the rubbish pile of history where the Resistance and the anti-fascist struggle had left them. With local administrations and the institutions underestimating the severity of this regurgitation of neo-fascism and nazism, there is an increase in the number of episodes of aggression and intimidation that are threatening the safety and the social and political freedom of women and men who want a freer society and who organize themselves to achieve it;


that it is essential to give a strong, mass, response from the grassroots to this climate of fear and intolerance that is spreading through our cities and which is feeding extreme rightist groups like Forza Nuova, who for the second year running have been given permission by the local council to invade the town of Fano with their banners of death on 9th February.


all anti-fascists in the province of Pesaro-Urbino to participate in mass at the two initiatives planned for Saturday 9th February 2008:

The Anti-Fascist Assembly

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