Giornate Libertarie 2007

(Libertarian Days)

Parco Marastoni, San Polo d'Enza (near Reggio Emilia) - 15, 16, 17 June 2007

now in its 3rd year!

meetings, books, music, food, politics and much more...

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Friday 15

7.30 pm

Internationalist aperitif

10.00 pm

"Osteria del Bakunin": Gasparazzo (acoustic live set), Carlo Ghirardato (tribute to Fabrizio De André)

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12.00 pm

"Arena Kronstadt '21": DJ Dempir (trash night will Surrender - '80s come back!!!)


Saturday 16

5.00 pm

"The ABC of war, between capitalism and militarism"


8.00 pm

Anti-militarist aperitif

10.00 pm

"Osteria del Bakunin": Rocco La Guardia (singer-songwriter)

11.00 pm

"Arena Kronstadt '21": Reggae Dancehall Night - K-Smile (Hip Hop from Senegal), Smallaxe South (Reggae dancehall), Mad Kid (jugglin machine)


Sunday 17

10.00 am


Presentation of the Lausanne-based International Centre for Research into Anarchism (Switzerland).

11.00 am

"La Piattaforma Organizzativa dei Comunisti Anarchici"

Presentation of the new book "La Piattaforma Organizzativa dei Comunisti Anarchici: origine, dibattito e significato", with the book's editor Nestor McNab (FdCA).

4.00 pm


Presentation of the latest issue of the FdCA's magazine, Antipodi, dedicated to the theme of "Energy and the Environment", with speakers Lia Didero and Francesco Aucone of the FdCA.

6.00 pm

Les tambures de la paix (percussion and jugglers)

8.00 pm

The Big Binge

(fried dumplings, salami and hams, vegetables, wine, water (not much), farewells, goodbyes and see you next year).


Throughout the festival there will be:

CIRA stand, bookstalls, photographic exhibitions, cannabis info, Iris Cooperative (organic produce), various stands.


Restaurant (lunch and dinner), bar service.


Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici
Gruppo Comunista Libertario "Fratelli Cervi", Reggio Emilia

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Freedom without Socialism is privilege and injustice,
Socialism without freedom is slavery.

(Mikhail Bakunin)