26 - 29 June, Centro Polisportivo Comunale, Villanova, PORDENONE
thursday 26 june:

: press conference
6.00pm: The journal Antipodi presents "LA CUOCA DI DURRUTI" with Luigi Veronelli (theoretician of responsible agriculture and anarchist wine expert)
8.30pm: From Passanante to De André: featuring Carlo Ghirardato (vocals and guitar)

27 june:

6.00pm: and now? Debate on syndicalism in the wake of the referendum with Fabrizio Acanfora (FdCA Labour Committee), Maurizio Marcon (provincial Secretary of the FIOM-CGIL), Francesco De Rosa (RdB/CUB)
8.30pm: concert with Fottutissimi Rock and Roll (covers) and the Jumping Criminals (psychobilly)

saturday 28 june:

6.00pm: debate on devolution and libertarian federalism with Gianni Cimbalo (Bologna University), Giancarlo Leoni (FdCA Environment & Territory Committee) and Paolo De Toni (Ecologia Sociale)
8.30pm: concert with Kosovni Odpadki (militant patchanka)

sunday 29 june:

12.00am: social and libertarian opposition in the Balkans: public meeting with comrades from the Slovenian Anarchist Federation
from 6.00pm on: non stop live music featuring
   - Cagalurlo (parochial punk)
   - Rigor Mortis Porno Star (industrial punk)
   - Vasta Gamma (crysanthemum rock)
   - Ants in Pants (ska-core)
   - Atleticospoleto27 (ska)
   - Brain Condor (hardcore)
during the festival there will be infopoints, stands,
art and anarchy exhibitions, videos, food and bars. camping facilities with toilets and showers available.
infoline: 339.6812954 - 329.6180304
fdca@fdca.it - http://www.fdca.it/