Statement on the 

3rd Festival of Alternativa Libertaria

The FdCA (Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici) thanks the Circolo Libertario Zapata in Pordenone and all those from Pordenone and further afield who chose to participate in the 3rd Festa di Alternativa Libertaria which took place in the area of Villanova from 26th to 29th June.

We also thank the local representatives of Ecologia Sociale, the FIOM-CGIL, the RdB/CUB and the Social Anarchist Federation from Slovenia who all contributed to enlivening our debates. Thanks also to Luigi Veronelli for the kind message he sent as he was unable to be physically with us.

The many participants in the debates which were part of the festival's programme were evidence of the strong awareness in this region of:

All this confirms that there exists in this country the possibility of developing a social opposition to the destruction of the territory and the rights of equality and liberty which is being enacted by capital. It is our hope that this opposition can become a movement towards the libertarian alternative.

That is what the Federation of Anarchist Communists is working for and it is a task that has seen us involved deeply since our formation. Only through the struggles of the workers and the social opposition movements can the prospect of a libertarian, egalitarian transformation of society be born.

Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici
Segreteria Nazionale


3rd July 2003