5 October 2008 - "No Dal Molin" Referendum

Stop the US air base in Vicenza!


The municipal council of the town of Vicenza has agreed to hold a referendum[*] on 5th October 2008 when citizens will be able to express their opinion on the following question:

"Are you in favour of the adoption on the part of the municipal council of Vicenza, in its capacity as an organ of political administration, of a deliberation approving the initiation of a procedure whereby the municipal authorities acquire, by removal from State ownership, the "Dal Molin" airport area - where a United States military base is due to be built - in order to dedicate it to some use in the collective interest?".

The Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici, which from the very start has participated in the various initiatives and struggles against the ceding of the Dal Molin area to the United States for use as a military base, supports and call for the participation of everyone in the Vicenza referendum in order to obtain a "Yes" vote, considering this referendum to be an example of popular autonomy and self-determination. In the face of State violence and repression against the people of Vicenza, who mobilized in order to stop their city being pillaged and plundered by militarism and big business, any initiative - even a symbolic one - that refuses to connive with the powers that be and gives free expression to the city of Vicenza, is an opportunity for conflictuality and the radicalization of consciences, and one more opportunity to organize our struggles and our daily lives from below.

Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici

1st October 2008

* The vote is open to everyone and can be done online at: http://www.nodalmolin.it/consultazione/consultazione.php