No Dal Molin

on the demonstration in Vicenza against the new US base


The Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici will be participating in the national demonstration against military bases in Italy and for the defence of communities against the negative effects of militarism. The demonstration will be held in Vicenza, northern Italy, on 2nd December 2006.

In line with their anti-militarist origins, anarchist communists actively support the efforts of local citizens' committees which are vital if the struggle is to be a mass movement, able to put a halt to the militarization of the Vicenza area, an area which is already burdened with a number of military structures.

We are hopeful that the Vicenza movement can continue to maintain its autonomy from every attempt at political interference, and endorse a form of organization that encourages social self-organization, that it can remain as a movement organized from below, without delegating its decision-making structures.

The struggle against the opening of a new miltary super-base in Vicenza is vital for all those people and social organizations who fight for peace, against the permanent, preventive war.

(Federation of Anarchist Communists)

28th November 2006